Framework for building and organizing dashboards targeting manufacturing processes
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Application Template for Manufacturing Dashboards

This application is designed to provide a framework to build and deploy dashboards and analytical tools for a manufacturing environment.

The core of this are "modules", where each module is a small app or display that is assigned to a part of your company hierarchy.

For example a "Site" may have three "departments", all of which have two "machines". Modules can be built externally and then loaded into any of these tiers. The built-in admin interface allows for these to be built easily and remain flexible.

Client Side

The client for this application is written in React.js, Redux, TypeScript, and ImmutableJS. In general any "data" calls are kept in the immutable space for performant updates.

Server Side

The server is built using Django & Django Rest Framework. This allows for a flexible, highly tested API. Database configuration, authentication and permissions are all customizable to user needs.