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This repository contains ready-to-use (almost) tools for benchmarking and testing different JMS providers.


In 1996 I worked with IBM MQ Series using OS/2 and CICS. That was the first time I worked with performance tuning for messaging. Since then I have been involved in many projects with the same basic goal: make sure it works correctly (no lost messages under any circumstances) and make it fast. It has never been my full-time job, but as a consultant I have been there and done that a few times now. The more memorable have been webMethods, AQ, HornetQ, ActiveMQ/AMQ and (again) AQ. Every time I have ended up writing my own tools. Yes, every time. So, I'll do it again, but this time I'll release the code and make it work for as many JMS providers as possible. Or at least the ones I need.

Main features

The current version includes a consumer and a producer for AQ JMS and ActiveMQ. They can run on any number of machines and as multiple processes in order to scale if the configurable number of threads is not enough (but usually it is - it is cheap to enqueue/dequeue without processing). Some of the options:

  • Unique message identities that make it possible to find lost messages, duplicate messages and ghost messages, i.e. messages that are delivered even though they have been rolled back.
  • Checksums in order to check for corrupted messages.
  • Prepared messages from a directory or random messages with a minimum and maximum size.
  • Outliers (large messages with a certain probability).
  • Delayed/scheduled messages (where supported).
  • Text and byte messages and partial support for object messages.
  • Duration-based tests.
  • Count-based tests.
  • Configurable receive timeouts, polling delays, batch sizes, sleep times after each batch and much more.
  • Client-side producer flow control for AQ.
  • XA transactions (two-phase commits).
  • A log analyzer that helps make sense of the recorded test results.

Feel free to submit pull requests, bug reports or to ask for other improvements.

Missing jar files

Unfortunately Oracle keeps the Oracle JDBC drivers and the AQ JMS code private. I can't publish the jar files and I can't download them from the Maven repository. In order to use AQ you need to download the JDBC driver from Oracle and you need to grab the correct version of aqapi.jar from you Oracle database. Put them in AqJmsCommon/lib and you're good to go.