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import lasagne
import theano
import theano.tensor as T
import os
import pickle
import numpy
import h5py
import wget
import gzip
from sklearn import cross_validation
import math
import PIL, PIL.Image
class OneHotLayer(lasagne.layers.Layer):
def __init__(self, incoming, nb_class, **kwargs):
super(OneHotLayer, self).__init__(incoming, **kwargs)
self.nb_class = nb_class
def get_output_for(self, incoming, **kwargs):
return theano.tensor.extra_ops.to_one_hot(incoming, self.nb_class)
def get_output_shape_for(self, input_shape):
return (input_shape[0], self.nb_class)
def loss(a, b):
# return 0.5 * abs(a-b) + 0.5 * (a - b)**2
return abs(a-b)
class Model(object):
def __init__(self, n=None, k=62, wh=64*64, d=40, D=1024, lambd=1e-7, font_noise=0.03, artificial_font=False):
self.n, self.k, self.d = n, k, d = T.matrix('target')
if artificial_font:
self.input_font = T.matrix('input_font')
input_font_bottleneck = lasagne.layers.InputLayer(shape=(None, d), input_var=self.input_font, name='input_font_emb')
self.input_font = T.ivector('input_font')
input_font = lasagne.layers.InputLayer(shape=(None,), input_var=self.input_font, name='input_font')
input_font_one_hot = OneHotLayer(input_font, n)
input_font_bottleneck = lasagne.layers.DenseLayer(input_font_one_hot, d, name='input_font_bottleneck', nonlinearity=None, b=None)
self.input_char = T.ivector('input_char')
input_char = lasagne.layers.InputLayer(shape=(None,), input_var=self.input_char, name='input_char')
input_char_one_hot = OneHotLayer(input_char, k)
input_font_bottleneck_noised = lasagne.layers.GaussianNoiseLayer(input_font_bottleneck, sigma=font_noise)
network = lasagne.layers.ConcatLayer([input_font_bottleneck_noised, input_char_one_hot], name='input_concat')
for i in xrange(4):
network = lasagne.layers.DenseLayer(network, D, name='dense_%d' % i, nonlinearity=lasagne.nonlinearities.leaky_rectify)
network = lasagne.layers.DenseLayer(network, wh, nonlinearity=lasagne.nonlinearities.sigmoid, name='output_sigmoid') = network
self.prediction_train = lasagne.layers.get_output(network, deterministic=False)
self.prediction_test = lasagne.layers.get_output(network, deterministic=True)
print self.prediction_train.dtype
self.loss_train = loss(self.prediction_train,
self.loss_test = loss(self.prediction_test,
self.reg = lasagne.regularization.regularize_network_params(, lasagne.regularization.l2) * lambd
self.input_font_bottleneck = input_font_bottleneck
def get_train_fn(self):
print 'compiling training fn'
learning_rate = T.scalar('learning_rate')
params = lasagne.layers.get_all_params(, trainable=True)
updates = lasagne.updates.nesterov_momentum(self.loss_train + self.reg, params, learning_rate=learning_rate, momentum=lasagne.utils.floatX(0.9))
return theano.function([learning_rate, self.input_font, self.input_char,], [self.loss_train, self.reg], updates=updates)
def get_test_fn(self):
print 'compiling testing fn'
params = lasagne.layers.get_all_params(, trainable=False)
return theano.function([self.input_font, self.input_char,], [self.loss_test, self.reg])
def get_run_fn(self):
return theano.function([self.input_font, self.input_char], self.prediction_test)
def try_load(self):
if not os.path.exists('model.pickle.gz'):
print 'loading model...'
values = pickle.load('model.pickle.gz'))
for p in lasagne.layers.get_all_params(
if not in values:
print 'dont have value for',
value = values[]
if p.get_value().shape != value.shape:
print, ':', p.get_value().shape, 'and', value.shape, 'have different shape!!!'
def save(self):
print 'saving model...'
params = {}
for p in lasagne.layers.get_all_params(
params[] = p.get_value()
f ='model.pickle.gz', 'w')
pickle.dump(params, f)
def get_font_embeddings(self):
data = pickle.load('model.pickle.gz'))
return data['input_font_bottleneck.W']
def sets(self):
dataset = []
for i in xrange(self.n):
for j in xrange(self.k):
dataset.append((i, j))
train_set, test_set = cross_validation.train_test_split(dataset, test_size=0.10, random_state=0)
return train_set, test_set
def get_data():
if not os.path.exists('fonts.hdf5'):'')
f = h5py.File('fonts.hdf5', 'r')
return f['fonts']
def draw_grid(data, cols=None):
n = data.shape[0]
if cols is None:
cols = int(math.ceil(n**0.5))
rows = int(math.ceil(1.0 * n / cols))
data = data.reshape((n, 64, 64))
img ='L', (cols * 64, rows * 64), 255)
for z in xrange(n):
x, y = z % cols, z // cols
img_char = PIL.Image.fromarray(numpy.uint8(((1.0 - data[z]) * 255)))
img.paste(img_char, (x * 64, y * 64))
return img
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