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import bs4, itertools, json, matplotlib, numpy, os, random, re, requests, sys, time
from matplotlib import pyplot
cache = {}
if os.path.exists('cache.tsv'):
for line in open('cache.tsv'):
q, n = line.strip().split('\t')
cache[q] = int(n)
def get_n_results_dumb(q):
r = requests.get('',
params={'q': q,
"tbs": "li:1"})
soup = bs4.BeautifulSoup(r.text)
s = soup.find('div', {'id': 'resultStats'}).text
if not s:
return 0
m ='([0-9,]+)', s)
return int(m.groups()[0].replace(',', ''))
data = json.load(open(sys.argv[1]))
tag = data['tag']
items = data['items']
verbs = data['verbs']
item2i = dict([(item, i) for i, item in enumerate(items)])
qs = []
for item1, item2 in itertools.product(items, items):
if item1 != item2:
for verb in verbs:
qs.append((item2i[item1], item2i[item2], '"%s from %s to %s"' % (verb, item1, item2)))
qs.append((item2i[item1], item2i[item2], '"%s to %s from %s"' % (verb, item2, item1)))
m = numpy.zeros((len(items), len(items)))
print(100. * len(set(cache).intersection([q for _, _, q in qs])) / len(qs))
for i, j, q in qs:
if q in cache:
n = cache[q]
sys.stdout.write('%50s...' % q)
n = get_n_results_dumb(q)
sys.stdout.write('%9d\n' % n)
f = open('cache.tsv', 'a')
f.write('%s\t%d\n' % (q, n))
m[j][i] += n
def plot_mat(m, items, cm, fn, fmt, dir_text=None):
s = 4 + len(items) * 0.3
fig = pyplot.figure(figsize=(s, s))
ax = fig.add_subplot(111)
ax.matshow(m.T + 1, cmap=cm, norm=matplotlib.colors.LogNorm(vmin=numpy.min(m+1), vmax=numpy.max(m+1)))
if dir_text:
ax.set_xlabel('To language\n< Smaller %s %10s Larger %s >' % (dir_text, '', dir_text))
ax.set_ylabel('From language\n< Larger %s %10s Smaller %s >' % (dir_text, '', dir_text))
ax.set_xlabel('To language')
ax.set_ylabel('From language')
ax.set_xticks(numpy.arange(0, len(items)))
ax.set_yticks(numpy.arange(0, len(items)))
ax.set_xticklabels(items, rotation=90, ha='center')
ax.set_yticklabels(items, va='center')
ax.set_xticks(numpy.arange(0.5, len(items)+0.5), minor=True)
ax.set_yticks(numpy.arange(0.5, len(items)+0.5), minor=True)
for i in range(len(items)):
for j in range(len(items)):
text = fmt % m[i][j]
if text != fmt % 0:
ax.text(i, j, text, va='center', ha='center', size=7)
pyplot.savefig(fn, dpi=300)
# Plot lexicographical
ps = sorted(range(len(items)), key=lambda i: items[i])
plot_mat(m[ps,:][:,ps], sorted(items),, '%s_matrix.png' % tag, '%.0f')
# m += numpy.eye(len(items)) # hack to fix zero entries
for item, pop in zip(items, m.sum(axis=0) + m.sum(axis=1)):
print('%20s %6d' % (item, pop))
m /= m.sum(axis=0)[numpy.newaxis,:]
u = numpy.ones(len(items))
for i in range(100):
u =, u)
u /= u.sum()
# Create a new matrix where rows/columns are ordered by u
ps = sorted(range(len(items)), key=lambda i: u[i])
for p in reversed(ps):
print('| %5.2f%% | %20s |' % (u[p]*100, items[p]))
m_new = m[ps,:][:,ps]
plot_mat(m_new, [items[p] for p in ps],, '%s_matrix_eig.png' % tag, '%.2f', dir_text='future popularity')