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Parser for JavaScript
Based (loosely) on language-python
How to build
cabal clean && cabal configure && cabal build
cabal clean && cabal configure -fbuildtests && cabal build
Running the tests
To debug the grammar
happy -iparse.txt -g -a -d src/Language/JavaScript/Parser/Grammar5.y
This generates src/Language/JavaScript/Parser/Grammar.hs, delete this
when done with the debug version
UTF8/Unicode version
Alex 3.0 now supports unicode natively, and has been included as a
dependency in the cabal file.
0.5.3 Merge pull requests from @aszlig to add octal support, and to
allow leading zeros in exponents
0.5.2 Merged pull request from @markwright added some missing test
files to the cabal file.
Added and Lexer.x to the cabal file.
0.5.1 Export CommentAnnotation(..). Simplify AST by getting rid of
JSFunctionBody, JSSourceElements, JSStatementBlock, JSStatementList.
They are replaced by JSBlock or a simple list.
Also fix lexer mode in presence of whitespace.
Changed way tests are invoked, to allow Travis integration.
0.5.0 Rework AST to allow full round-trip parsing and output of
JavaScript. Breaks AST compatibility with prior versions
0.4.10 Moved Lexer.x into a separate directory, and made a script to
call alex to generate Lexer.hs. This means alex is not required
at install time
0.4.9 Make alex and happy versions more explicit. Expose the AlexSpan
data type, so parse error positions can be reported.
0.4.8 Close issue by
correcting the lexical analyser for DecimalLiteral
0.4.7 Continue ECMASCRIPT update, remove incorrect future reserved words for
"code", "mode", "of", "one", "or" and "strict", put in by accident/stupidity.
0.4.6 Update to ECMASCRIPT 5.1 by allowing continuations in string literals
Include build dependencies on alex >= 3.0 and happy.
0.4.5 Update cabal file and docs for Alex 3.0, giving out of the box unicode support
0.4.4 Allow unicode characters in comments
0.4.3 correct lexer for decimalToken, only leading digit needs to be non-zero.
0.4.2 Expose SrcSpan
0.4.1 Expose AST.Node as well.
0.4.0 Updated JSNode to include location information, and made the parse more true to the original by leaving blocks as such, not replacing with ';'.
0.3.0 ECMA-262 edition 5 compliance. Required adding JSFunctionExpression and JSPropertyAccessor to the AST.
0.2.2 Heading toward compliance with edition 5. Trailing commas allowed in array literals too.
0.2.1 Allow trailing comma in object literal
0.2.0 ECMAScript 3 allows function expressions to have names, AST.JSFunctionExpression now reflects this
0.1.0 Simplified AST by removing JSElement and JSElementList components
0.0.3 Support for unicode in source. At the moment it only supports
UTF8 encoding, does not recognise byte order marks or UTF-16/UTF-32
0.0.2 Multiline comments were processed in greedy form, now end of
comment recognised properly. Thanks to Tony Morris for reporting this.
0.0.1 Initial release
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