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Things to do
Useful resource:
2. Separate out the different versions of JavaScript.
Necessary? Depends what this tool is used for. Current assumption is
that it is fed well-formed JS, and generates an AST for further
3. Simplify the AST. *JSElement at the very least is redundant.
4. Clarify the external interfaces required.
5. Process comments. Some kinds of hooks exist, but they are essentially discarded.
8. String literals for ed 5 - continuation chars etc.
10. Sort out [no line terminator here] in PostfixExpression
11. Export AST as JSON or XML
nicferrier Nic Ferrier
@paul_houle better tools come from the languages making their ast available,
as json or xml: gcc --astxml a.c
12. Look at using the AST in WebBits
13. Numeric literals Infinity, NaN
14. Look at
15. Store number of rows/cols in a comment, to speed output