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Lexer.x source is missing in tarball #10

nomeata opened this Issue · 7 comments

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This makes the package not legally distributable by, e.g. Debian. (See So Lexer.x needs to end up in the tarball.

One way is to just put it in src/ and let Cabal take care of it. Using "setup sdist" will create a tarball with the generated file Lexer.hs in dist/, so that users will not need to have alex installed and in the path to install the library. Unless the modify the source Lexer.x of course.

@nomeata nomeata referenced this issue from a commit
Commit has since been removed from the repository and is no longer available.
@nomeata nomeata referenced this issue from a commit
@nomeata nomeata Ship alex source in src/
The source distribution would not be distributable if the source for
Lexer.hs is missing. Also, putting Lexer.x into src/ has the effect that
cabal sdist will put the generated file Lexer.hs into dist/, hence
allowing the package to be built even without alex installed.

Closes: #10.
@nomeata nomeata referenced this issue

Fix for #10 #11

@alanz alanz closed this issue from a commit
@alanz alanz Add the and Lexer.x files to the distribution.
Closes #10 without re-opening #8
@alanz alanz closed this in 38e507b

You don’t need to depend on alex to have the alex file in src/, though... but whatever works for you.


@alanz Any idea when this version is going to be released? I'm one of the Debian haskell guys :-)


Version 0.5.2 is on hackage, with Lexer.x included


Thanks a bunch!

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