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src/ : Move to a variable length header buffer

Previously, the `psf->header` buffer was a fixed length specified by
`SF_HEADER_LEN` which was set to `12292`. This was problematic for
two reasons; this value was un-necessarily large for the majority
of files and too small for some others.

Now the size of the header buffer starts at 256 bytes and grows as
necessary up to a maximum of 100k.
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erikd committed Nov 27, 2016
1 parent 47d1b09 commit 708e996c87c5fae77b104ccfeb8f6db784c32074
Showing with 218 additions and 194 deletions.
  1. +204 −184 src/common.c
  2. +9 −6 src/common.h
  3. +5 −4 src/sndfile.c

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