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Mock objects for Objective-C
Objective-C Ruby Makefile
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Examples Updated to OCMock 3.3.1, and changed test to demonstrate #251 is fixed. Jul 27, 2016
Source Update project settings to latest xcode and fix warnings Nov 23, 2018
Tools Updated year in copyright notice. Nov 4, 2018
.gitignore Adding Carthage dir just to be sure. Aug 12, 2015
.travis.yml Switched to currently newest Xcode. Apr 5, 2018 Added note about expected response times. Nov 18, 2015
License.txt Move License to root directory Aug 13, 2015
Makefile Reverting to Xcode 7 image to fix build (for now). Dec 22, 2016
OCMock.podspec Preparation for 3.1.3 release. Aug 12, 2015


OCMock is an Objective-C implementation of mock objects.

For downloads, documentation, and support please visit

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