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Sardi Mono Mixing icons with help of inherits - Modularity of Sardi
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Sardi Mono Mixing

Sardi consists of 6 major icon themes and 10 different kind of folders.

Here we are using the MODULARITY of the Sardi icons by changing the inherits line.

These icons are an example what you can do with the Sardi icons.

More information about Sardi

What can I tell you about Sardi icons?

Personalize the Sardi icon theme like you want it.

If you want to change the colours of the Sardi icons, check the articles about the flexibility of Sardi.

If you want to mix parts of the icon themes with other parts, check the articles about the modularity of Sardi.

If you want to know on what systems/distro's Sardi has been tested, check here.

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