JavaScript Parallax library
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Seamless and lightweight parallax scrolling library implemented in pure JavaScript utilizing Hardware acceleration for extra performance.


Main features

Super lightweight without dependencies

A few kilobytes of pure JavaScript.

Viewport-only animations

Parallax elements are only animated within the current viewport, saving a lot of resources.

Dynamic sizing

Image-elements are dynamically sized and adjusted relative to the pv-speed.

Performance is key

Vanilla Parallax maximizes your parallax effects with hardware acceleration and zero external libraries.

Media type independence

The parallax effect applies not only on images but on videos as well. Videos' audio will play if the videos are clicked and remain within the viewport.

Browser support

Tested browsers:

Chrome Safari Firefox
60+ 10+ 44+



bower i --save parallax-vanilla


npm i --save parallax-vanilla


Download package and include parallax-vanilla.min.css in the head tag and parallax-vanilla.min.js just before the closing body tag. Don't forget to put the source map next to parallax-vanilla.min.js within your directory.

<link href='path/to/parallax-vanilla.min.css'>
<script src='path/to/parallax-vanilla.min.js'></script>


Simple usage

1. Wrap a pv-block with a pv-container.

<div class='pv-container'>
  <div class='pv-block'></div>

2. Attach a mediapath to pv-block

<div class='pv-container'>
  <div class='pv-block' pv-mediapath=path/to/file.extension></div>

3. Initialize library.

<div class='pv-container'>
  <div class='pv-block' pv-mediapath=path/to/file.extension></div>></div>

JavaScript initialization options

Optional global settings can be configured upon initialization.

  container: {
    class : String,
    height : String || Number,
  block: {
    class: String,
    speed: Number || Float,
    mediapath: String,
    mediatype: String,
    mute: Boolean,

JavaScript Settings

Name Type Default Description Example values
settings Object {container, block} Settings object. These settings will be applied to each container and block. Can be individually overwritten by data attributes. {container: {...}, block: {...}
settings.container Object {class, height} The container object. {...}
settings.container.class String pv-container The class of the container element. Remember to update the CSS classes if you wish to change this. pv-container
settings.container.height String || Number 250px The container's height in either pixels or viewport heights. If the string lacks a suffix, or a number is entered, it will default to pixels. 250px, 50vh, 250
settings.block Object {class, speed, mediatype, mediapath} The block object. {...}
settings.block.class String pv-block The class of the block element. Remember to update the CSS classes if you wish to change this. pv-block
settings.block.speed Number || Float -Math.PI The speed and direction at which the parallax animated. Negative values will animate the `block` upwards when scrolling downwards on the page. 1, 1.5, -1, -1.5
settings.block.mediatype String image The block's media type. Blocks with mediapaths containing a video extension will automatically be considered videos. image, video or none
settings.block.mediapath String undefined The block's media path. ../path/to/file.ext
settings.block.mute Boolean false Defines whether or not all videos should be muted. true or false

Data attributes: Customize individual elements

Data attributes allow fine control over each individual element and will overwrite the global JavaScript settings.

<div class='pv-container' pv-height=100vh>
  <div class='pv-block' pv-speed=3.14 pv-mediatype=video pv-mediapath=path/to/epic_montage.mp4 pv-mute=false></div>

This code will produce a container with class pv-container with height 100vh containing a block with class pv-block with a parallax speed of 3.14 displaying the media epic_montage.mp4 of type video with pv-mute=false.

Data attributes for container
Data attributes for block

The descriptions and the default values are the same as the corresponding properties of the JavaScript settings object.


The CSS in parallax-vanilla.min.css is required in order for parallax-vanilla to function properly.

.pv-container {...}
.pv-container .pv-block {...}
.pv-container .pv-block video {...}
.audio-icon {...}