Spark is a single page microsite template for your startup, product or idea.
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Spark is a free single page microsite template for your startup, product or idea. The download contains everything you will need to launch your single page website in a matter of minutes.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is the template responsive? Absolutely.

How do I customize the template? You will need to know your way around Sass to customize Spark to be on brand. In most cases, you will simply want to change the color values located in the _variables.scss file in the sass/utils directory. In other cases, you may want to customize the typography, layout, etc. Do not attempt the latter unless you know what you are doing.

Are there know limitations? Yes. The page has been optimized for the exact amount of copy you see in the demo. If you require more content, you will need to get your hands dirty customizing the code to fit your needs.

Are there image sizes I need to be aware of? Yes. All of the image file names in the assets/images directory are appended with their respective dimensions. These should be considered rules and not recommendations unless you are prepared to perform customizations where needed.

Can I use this for a client project? Yes. It would be nice to receive credit, though.

Support Questions

I am not available to answer support questions of any kind. If you find areas where the code can be improved or optimized, submit a pull request.