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;;;; cl-cia.lisp
(in-package #:cl-cia)
(defparameter +rcfile+ (merge-pathnames ".cia.lisp" (user-homedir-pathname)))
(when (probe-file +rcfile+) (load +rcfile+))
(defparameter +proplist+ '())
(defmacro prop (name form)
(unless (boundp ',name) (defparameter ,name ,form))
(push ',name +proplist+)))
(defun write-propfile (&optional (propfile +rcfile+))
(labels ((prel (el)
(typecase el
(string (format nil "\"~a\"" el))
(list (format nil "(list ~{~a~^ ~})" (mapcar #'prel el)))
(pathname (format nil "#P\"~a\"" el))
(t el))))
(with-open-file (out propfile :direction :output)
(dolist (p +proplist+)
(format out "(defparameter ~(~a~) ~a)~%" p
(prel (symbol-value p)))))))
(prop +db-dir+ (merge-pathnames "db/cia/" (user-homedir-pathname)))
(prop +db-state+ (merge-pathnames "cia.state" +db-dir+))
; mail form assumes the procmail matching rule puts it in $HOME/db/cia/mail/
; with the trailing slash inferring mailbox dir instead of mbox file.
(prop +db-mail-dir+ (merge-pathnames "mail/" +db-dir+))
(prop +db-unprocessed-mail-dir+ (merge-pathnames "new/" +db-mail-dir+))
(prop +db-processed-mail-dir+ (merge-pathnames "cur/" +db-mail-dir+))
(prop +db-xmlmail-dir+ (merge-pathnames "xmlmail/" +db-dir+))
(prop +db-unprocessed-xmlmail-dir+ (merge-pathnames "new/" +db-xmlmail-dir+))
(prop +db-processed-xmlmail-dir+ (merge-pathnames "cur/" +db-xmlmail-dir+))
(prop +bot-nick+ "Notify")
(prop +bot-nickserv-passwd+ '())
(prop +bot-server+ "")
(prop +bot-realname+ "Commit Notification Bot -")
(prop +bot-ident+ "notify")
(prop +bot-channels+ '("#notify" "##notify"))
(defvar *biglock* (bordeaux-threads:make-lock "cl-cia"))
(defun load-state (&optional (file +db-state+))
(if (probe-file file)
(cl-store:restore file)
(make-instance 'state :projects (list (make-instance 'project :name "BRL-CAD" :hooks (list #'report-commit "/home/erik/bin/"))))))
(defun save-state (&key (place *state*) (file +db-state+) (force '()))
(bordeaux-threads:with-lock-held (*biglock*)
(when (or force (dirty place))
(setf (dirty place) '())
(cl-store:store place file))))
(defclass project-association ()
((project :accessor project :initarg :project :initform '())
(alias :accessor alias :initarg :alias :initform '())
(flags :accessor flags :initarg :flags :initform '())))
(defmethod print-object ((a project-association) stream)
(format stream "[~a:~a~@[:~a~]]" (name (project a)) (alias a) (flags a)))
(defclass user-mixin ()
((aliases :accessor aliases :initarg :aliases :initform '())))
(defmethod print-object ((o user-mixin) stream)
(format stream "<~a ~a>" (type-of o) (aliases o)))
(defclass project ()
((oid :accessor oid :initform '())
(name :accessor name :initarg :name)
(created :accessor created :initform (local-time:now))
(users :accessor users :initarg :users :initform '())
(channels :accessor channels :initarg :channels :initform '())
(list-id-regex :accessor list-id-regex :initarg :list-id-regex :initform '())
(commits :accessor commits :initform '() :initarg :commits)
(key :accessor key :initform '() :initarg :key)
(hooks :accessor hooks :initform '() :initarg :hooks)))
(defmethod print-object ((p project) stream)
(format stream "<Project ~a ~a (~d commits)>" (name p) (channels p) (length (commits p))))
(defmethod find-user ((p project) name)
(find-if (lambda (user)
(find-if (lambda (alias)
(eq p (project alias))
(find name (alias alias) :test #'string-equal)))
(aliases user)))
(users p)))
(defun add-user-to-project (p u)
(declare (type project p) (type user-mixin u))
(unless (find-association p u)
(push (make-instance 'project-association :project p) (aliases u))))
(defmethod find-association ((p project) (u user-mixin))
(find-if (lambda (a) (eq (project a) p)) (aliases u)))
(defmethod flagp ((p project) (u user-mixin) flag)
(alexandria:when-let ((association (find-association p u)))
(find flag (flags association))))
(defmethod set-flag ((p project) (u user-mixin) flag)
(alexandria:when-let ((association (find-association p u)))
(unless (find flag (flags association))
(push flag (flags association)))))
(defmethod unset-flag ((p project) (u user-mixin) flag)
(alexandria:when-let ((association (find-association p u)))
(when (find flag (flags association))
(setf (flags association) (remove flag (flags association))))))
(defmethod adminp ((p project) (u user-mixin)) (flagp p u 'admin))
(defmethod set-admin ((p project) (u user-mixin)) (set-flag p u 'admin))
(defmethod unset-admin ((p project) (u user-mixin)) (unset-flag p u 'admin))
(defclass state ()
((projects :accessor projects :initarg :projects :initform '())
(notices :accessor notices :initarg :notices :initform '())
(users :accessor users :initarg :users :initform '())
(dirty :accessor dirty :initarg :dirty :initform '())))
(defmethod print-object ((state state) stream)
(format stream "<STATE: notices:~d projects:~d users:~d dirty:~a>"
(length (notices state))
(length (projects state))
(users state)
(dirty state)))
(defvar *state* '())
(defun add-project (project)
(push project (projects *state*)))
(defmethod find-project ((name t) &optional (state *state*))
(remove nil (mapcar (lambda (x)
(string-equal (name x) name)
(find name (channels x) :test #'string-equal))
(projects state))))
(defun find-project-by-list-id (list-id)
(find-if (lambda (x)
(when (list-id-regex x)
(cl-ppcre:scan (list-id-regex x) list-id)))
(projects *state*)))
(defun all-channels (&optional (state *state*))
(remove-duplicates (alexandria:flatten (cons '("#notify" "##notify") (mapcar #'channels (projects state)))) :test #'string-equal))
(defclass commit ()
((oid :accessor oid :initform '())
(timestamp :accessor timestamp :initform (local-time:now) :initarg :timestamp)
(date :accessor date :initarg :date :initform (local-time:now))
(user :accessor user :initarg :user)
(revision :accessor revision :initarg :revision)
(files :accessor files :initarg :files :initform '())
(url :accessor url :initarg :url :initform '())
(message :accessor message :initarg :message :initform '())))
(defmethod print-object ((c commit) stream)
(format stream "#<Commit: ~a@~a: ~a (at ~a)>" (user c) (revision c) (message c) (date c)))
(defmethod equals ((c1 commit) (c2 commit))
(and (string-equal (user c1) (user c2))
(string-equal (revision c1) (revision c2))
(and (stringp c1) (stringp c2) (string-equal (message c1) (message c2)))
(eq c1 c2))))
(defmethod find-commit ((p project) rev)
(find-if (lambda (x) (string-equal (revision x) rev)) (commits p)))
(defun commit-has-file (commit filename)
(when (find filename (files commit) :test #'string=)
(defun resort-commits (project)
(bordeaux-threads:with-lock-held (*biglock*)
(setf (commits project) (sort (copy-list (commits project)) (lambda (x y) (local-time:timestamp> (date x) (date y))))))
(defun remove-commit (project commit &key (test #'equals))
(bordeaux-threads:with-recursive-lock-held (*biglock*)
(setf (commits project) (remove commit (commits project) :test test))))
(defvar *message-hooks* '())
(defvar *global-message-hooks* '())
(defun message-seen (project message)
(when (and project message)
(find message (commits project) :test #'equals)))
(defvar *exec-log* '())
(defun add-messages (messages project)
(when (and project messages)
(lambda (message)
(when (listp (message message))
(setf (message message) (format nil "~{~a~}" (message message))))
(unless (message-seen project message)
(flet ((try-hook (hook)
(push (list (local-time:now) project message
(if (stringp hook)
; (inferior-shell:run/ss hook)
(funcall hook project message)))
(dolist (hook (hooks project)) (try-hook hook))
(dolist (hook *global-message-hooks*) (try-hook hook)))
(setf (dirty *state*) t)
(push message (commits project))
(if (listp messages) messages (list messages)))))))
(defun add-message (message project) (add-messages (list message) project))
(defun in-the-last (commits &optional start end)
(unless start (setf start (local-time:timestamp- (local-time:now) 24 :hour)))
(unless end (setf end (local-time:now)))
(remove-if (lambda (x)
(local-time:timestamp< (cl-cia::date x) start)
(local-time:timestamp> (cl-cia::date x) end)))
(defun count-commits-by-user-since (commits &optional start end)
(let ((last24hr (in-the-last commits start end))
(bucket '()))
(dolist (c last24hr)
(let ((suck (assoc (user c) bucket :test #'string-equal)))
(if suck
(incf (cadr suck))
(push (list (user c) 1) bucket))))
(sort bucket (lambda (x y) (> (cadr x) (cadr y))))))
(defun start ()
(unless *state*
(setf *state* (load-state)))
(setf *message-hooks* (list #'report-commit))
(sleep 2)
(defun stop ()