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;;;; cl-cia.lisp
(in-package #:cl-cia)
(defun read-file-to-list (file)
(with-open-file (stream file :external-format :utf-8)
(loop for line = (read-line stream nil)
while line collect line)))
(defun datify (datestr)
"Attempt to convert a string to a local-time:timestamp object, using local-time:now if unable"
; and it always seems unable.
(if datestr
(local-time:parse-timestring datestr)
(local-time::invalid-timestring () (local-time:now)))
(defparameter +funny-field-names+ '("Added Paths"
"Directory Properties"
"Log Message"
"Modified Paths"
"New Revision"
"Property changes on"
"Removed Paths"
"Revision Links"))
(defun isarg (line)
(when line
(multiple-value-bind (start end) (cl-ppcre:scan "^[A-Z][A-Za-z0-9-_]*:" line)
(if start (values start end)
(let ((match (find (subseq line 0 (position #\: line)) +funny-field-names+ :test #'string=)))
(when match
(values 0 (+ (length match) 1))))))))
(defun trimmulti (lines offset)
(if (<= (length (car lines)) offset)
(cdr lines)
(cons (string-trim " " (subseq (car lines) offset)) (cdr lines))))
(defun fieldinate (lines)
"Given a set of lines following the email field format, build an association list of fields"
(when lines
(multiple-value-bind (start end) (isarg (car lines))
(unless start (return-from fieldinate '()))
(let ((nextargline (position-if #'isarg (cdr lines))))
(let ((argname (subseq (car lines) start (- end 1))))
(cons argname
(if (or (not nextargline) (>= nextargline 1))
(trimmulti (subseq lines 0 (when nextargline (+ nextargline 1))) end)
(list (string-trim " " (subseq (car lines) end)))))
(fieldinate (if nextargline
(nthcdr (+ nextargline 1) lines)
(cdr lines)))))))))
(defun split-mail-to-head-and-body (file)
(alexandria:when-let ((lines (read-file-to-list file)))
(alexandria:when-let ((p (position-if (lambda (x) (string= "" x)) lines)))
(cons (subseq lines 0 p) (subseq lines (+ p 1))))))
(defun flob (mailfile)
(let ((l (split-mail-to-head-and-body mailfile)))
(values (fieldinate (car l)) (fieldinate (cdr l)))))
(defun mail-element (name set)
(let ((l (remove "" (mapcar (lambda (x) (string-trim " " x)) (cdr (assoc name set :test #'string=))) :test #'string=)))
(if (cdr l) l (car l))))
(defun load-commit-from-mail-message (raw-header raw-body &optional hooks)
(let ((header (fieldinate raw-header))
(body (fieldinate raw-body)))
(let ((list-id (mail-element "List-Id" header))
;; favor the body Date node, but fall back to header if needed
(date (datify (or (mail-element "Date" body) (mail-element "Date" header))))
(revision (or (mail-element "Revision" body) (mail-element "New Revision" body)))
(author (mail-element "Author" body))
;; the actual commit log message
(log (or (mail-element "Log" body) (mail-element "Log Message" body)))
(files (or (mail-element "Modified Paths" body) (alexandria:flatten
(mail-element "Modified" body)
(mail-element "Added" body)
(mail-element "Deleted" body)))))
(project '())
(url (mail-element "URL" body)))
(when (and list-id date revision author log)
;; SVN::Notify likes to shove "-----" lines in, so try to eat those
(when (and (listp log) (cl-ppcre:scan "^-*$" (car log)) (pop log)))
(when (and (listp files) (cl-ppcre:scan "^-*$" (car files))) (pop files))
(setf project (find-project-by-list-id
(let ((list-id (mail-element "List-Id" header)))
(if (listp list-id)
(format nil "~{~a~}" list-id)
(when (listp revision)
(unless url
(when (or (string-equal "http://" (subseq (cadr revision) 0 7)) (string-equal "https://" (subseq (cadr revision) 0 8)))
(setf url (cadr revision))))
(setf revision (car revision)))
(when (listp log)
(setf log (format nil "~{~a~}" log)))
(unless (consp files) (setf files (list files)))
(when (and project revision author)
(let ((commit (make-instance 'commit :files files :revision revision :date date :user author :url url :message log)))
(dolist (h hooks) (unless (funcall h commit project) (return '())))
(values commit project)))))))
(defun process-mail-dir-abstract (func maildir processed-maildir hooks &key (verbose nil))
(bordeaux-threads:with-lock-held (*biglock*)
(dolist (file (cl-fad:list-directory maildir))
(when verbose (format t "processing ~s~%" file))
(let ((l (split-mail-to-head-and-body file)))
(when (funcall func (car l) (cdr l) hooks)
(rename-file file (merge-pathnames processed-maildir (file-namestring file)))))
(sb-int:stream-decoding-error (e) (format t "Went ~s wonky on ~s~%" e file) '())))))
(defun process-mail-dir (&key (maildir +db-unprocessed-mail-dir+) (processed-maildir +db-processed-mail-dir+) (hooks '()) (verbose nil))
"Parse all messages in a mail dir, adding parsed commit messages to the list and applying the hooks"
(process-mail-dir-abstract #'load-commit-from-mail-message maildir processed-maildir (if hooks hooks (list #'add-message)) :verbose verbose))
(defun process-xml-mail-dir (&key (maildir +db-unprocessed-xmlmail-dir+) (processed-maildir +db-processed-xmlmail-dir+) (hooks '()) (verbose nil))
"Parse all messages in a mail dir, adding parsed commit messages to the list and applying the hooks"
(lambda (header body hooks)
(declare (ignore header))
(let ((retval t))
(dolist (xml (parsexml (format nil "~{~a~}" body)))
(let ((message (caddr xml))
(project (car (find-project (car xml)))))
(when (and (string-equal (car xml) "BRL-CAD")
(string-equal (cadr xml) ""))
(setf project (car (find-project "brl-cad wiki"))))
(if hooks
(not (position '() (mapcar (lambda (h) (funcall h message project)) hooks)))
(let ((res (add-message message project)))
(unless res (setf retval '()))
maildir processed-maildir hooks :verbose verbose))
(defun match-fields (fields pairs)
(not (position '() (mapcar (lambda (x) (string= (mail-element (car x) fields) (cadr x))) pairs))))
(defun escape-for-regex (str)
(loop for c being the elements of str collect
(if (find c '(#\[ #\] #\? #\( #\) #\. #\\ #\*))
(cons #\\ c) c)))
(defun do-gci-email (header-fields body hooks)
(declare (ignore hooks header-fields))
(setf body (nthcdr 9 body))
(setf body (format nil "~{~a~^ ~}" (mapcar (lambda (x) (string-trim " " x)) (subseq body 0 (position-if (lambda (x) (when (> (length x) 2) (string= (subseq x 0 2) "--"))) body)))))
((id (car (cl-ppcre:all-matches-as-strings "(?<=gci201[0-9]/)[0-9]*(?=:)" body)))
(name (car (cl-ppcre:all-matches-as-strings ".*(?= has left)" body)))
(task (car (cl-ppcre:all-matches-as-strings "(?<=comment at ).*(?= http://)" body)))
(title (car (cl-ppcre:all-matches-as-strings (concatenate 'string "(?<=" id ": ).*?(?= )") body)))
(comment (car (cl-ppcre:all-matches-as-strings (concatenate 'string "(?<=" (escape-for-regex title) " ).*?(?= Greet)") body)))
(message (concatenate 'string (ascii-ize (concatenate 'string "GCI:" name " * " id) 2) " " task ": " title " - " comment)))
(post-message "#brlcad" (truncate-for-irc message 200))))
(defun process-brlcad-gci-email (header body hooks)
(let ((header-fields (fieldinate header)))
((match-fields header-fields '(("X-Google-Appengine-App-Id" "s~google-melange")
("List-Id" "BRL-CAD Tracker Mailing List <>")
("From" "")))
(do-gci-email header-fields body hooks))
(t '()))))
(defun process-brlcad-gci-mail-dir (&key
(verbose nil)
(maildir (merge-pathnames "unhandled-mail/new/" +db-dir+))
(processed-maildir (merge-pathnames "unhandled-mail/cur/" +db-dir+))
(hooks '()))
(process-mail-dir-abstract #'process-brlcad-gci-email maildir processed-maildir hooks :verbose verbose))
(defun test-gci ()
(let ((l (split-mail-to-head-and-body #P"/home/erik/db/cia/unhandled-mail/new/")))
(process-brlcad-gci-email (car l) (cdr l) '())))
(defun pump (&key (verbose nil))
(process-mail-dir :verbose verbose)
(process-xml-mail-dir :verbose verbose)
(process-brlcad-gci-mail-dir :verbose verbose))
(defvar *pump* '())
(defvar *pump-running* '())
(defun start-pump ()
(unless (and *pump* (bordeaux-threads:threadp *pump*) (bordeaux-threads:thread-alive-p *pump*))
(setf *pump-running* t)
(setf *pump* (bordeaux-threads:make-thread
(lambda () (loop while *pump-running* do (progn (pump) (sleep 5))))
:name "cl-cia pumper"))))
(defun stop-pump ()
(when (and *pump* *pump-running*)
(setf *pump-running* '())
(bordeaux-threads:join-thread *pump*)
(setf *pump* '())))