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(in-package :cl-cia)
(defun gettags (xml tag)
(let ((e (find-if (lambda (x) (or (and (symbolp x) (eq tag x)) (and (listp x) (symbolp (car x)) (eq (car x) tag)))) xml)))
(when (and e (listp e)) (cdr e))))
(defun gettag (xml tag) (let ((tags (gettags xml tag))) (when tags (car tags))))
(defun parsexml (str)
(alexandria:when-let ((p (s-xml:parse-xml-string str)))
(when (eq (car p) :|message|)
(let* ((source (gettags p :|source|))
(proj (gettag source :|project|))
(branch (gettag source :|branch|))
(timestamp (parse-integer (gettag p :|timestamp|)))
(body (gettags p :|body|)))
(mapcar (lambda (c)
(let ((author (gettag c :|author|))
(rev (gettag c :|revision|))
(log (gettag c :|log|))
(url (gettag c :|url|))
(files (gettags c :|files|)))
(when (and url log
(> (length log) (+ (length url) 3))
(string= (concatenate 'string " - " url) (subseq log (- (length log) (length url) 3))))
(setf log (subseq log 0 (- (length log) (length url) 3))))
(make-instance 'commit
:user author
:revision rev
:date (local-time:unix-to-timestamp timestamp)
:files (mapcar (lambda (file) (string-trim " \t" (cadr file))) files)
:url url
:message log))))
(S-XML:XML-PARSER-ERROR (c) (format t "Whu? ~%" ) (setf c nil))
(SB-INT:CLOSED-STREAM-ERROR (c) (format t "closed stream ~a~%" c))))
(defun xmlrpc (str)
(when str
(let ((res (parsexml str)))
(dolist (r res)
(alexandria:when-let ((proj (car (find-project (car r)))))
(add-message (caddr r) proj))))))
(defun parse-svn-logentry (xml &key user-map-func)
(unless user-map-func (setf user-map-func (lambda (name) name)))
(when (eq (caar xml) :|logentry|)
(let ((author (funcall user-map-func (cadr (assoc :|author| xml))))
(revision (parse-integer (nth (+ (position :|revision| (car xml)) 1) (car xml))))
(date (local-time:parse-timestring (cadr (assoc :|date| xml))))
(files '())
(msg '()))
(unless (find :|msg| xml) ; to handle empty commit messages
(setf msg (cadr (assoc :|msg| xml))))
(setf files (mapcar #'cadr (cdr (assoc :|paths| xml))))
(make-instance 'commit :user author :revision revision :date date :message msg :files files))))
(defun parse-svn-log-xml (xml &key user-map-func)
(when (eq (car xml) :|log|)
(mapcar (lambda (x) (parse-svn-logentry x :user-map-func user-map-func)) (cdr xml))))
(defun parse-svn-log-string (str &key user-map-func)
(parse-svn-log-xml (s-xml:parse-xml (make-string-input-stream str)) :user-map-func user-map-func))
(defun parse-svn-log-file (file &key user-map-func)
(with-open-file (stream file :external-format :utf-8)
(parse-svn-log-xml (s-xml:parse-xml stream) :user-map-func user-map-func)))
(defun brlcad-usermap (oldname)
(let ((map '(("bparker" "bob1961")
("butler" "lbutler")
("erikg" "erikgreenwald")
("jlowens" "jlowenz")
("jra" "johnranderson")
("justin" "twingy")
("kermit" "g2asc")
("mgillich" "mjgillich")
("mmark" "mm")
("morrison" "brlcad"))))
(if (assoc oldname map :test #'string-equal)
(cadr (assoc oldname map :test #'string-equal))
; (s
(defun import-svn-log-file-to-project (project file &key user-map-func)
(bordeaux-threads:with-lock-held (*biglock*)
(let ((commits (parse-svn-log-file file :user-map-func user-map-func)))
(dolist (c (commits project))
(setf commits (remove c commits :test 'equals)))
(let ((len (length commits)))
(setf (commits project) (sort (append (commits project) commits) (lambda (x y) (> (revision x) (revision y)))))