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Data on public support for political parties in Denmark, 2010-


Collection of opinion polls conducted by Megafon, Gallup, Greens, Rambøll, YouGov, Voxmeter, Epinion, Norstat and Wilke for the period 2010-.

Repository content

The polls.csv data file consists of opinion polls on the support for nine political parties, including all parties represented in the Danish parliament as of 2011. Each row in the dataset is an opinion poll with the following information:

  • id = ID for each polls (note: this is not a unique ID)
  • pollingfirm = Polling firm conducting the poll
  • year = Year of end of data collection
  • month = Month of end of data collection
  • day = Day of end of data collection
  • party_a = Support for Socialdemokraterne (in %)
  • party_b = Support for Det Radikale Venstre (in %)
  • party_c = Support for Konservative (in %)
  • party_d = Support for Nye Borgerlige (in %)
  • party_e = Support for Klaus Riskær Pedersen (in %)
  • party_f = Support for SF (in %)
  • party_g = Support for Veganerpartiet (in %)
  • party_i = Support for Liberal Alliance (in %)
  • party_k = Support for Kristendemokraterne (in %) (note: limited data)
  • party_o = Support for Dansk Folkeparti (in %)
  • party_p = Support for Stram Kurs (in %)
  • party_v = Support for Venstre (in %)
  • party_oe= Support for Enhedslisten (in %)
  • party_aa = Support for Alternativet (in %)
  • n = Sample size
  • source = URL to source (note: limited data)

The polls.R file shows how one can access the data from R and create a simple plot with the trend for Venstre from the 2011 election till today.

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Public support for political parties in Denmark, 2010-



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