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ssh_known_hosts2: enhanced functionality for editing SSH's known_hosts files

This cookbook currently provides a single provider: ssh_known_hosts2_edit which edits, and does not template a known_hosts file. It does this by organizing the file into memory and overwriting it in a consistent way, but preserves all data in the file that already existed.

Provider Information

Actions: modify and delete do pretty much what you think they do.


  • host: name attribute. can be a String or an Array of hosts you'd like to associate with this key.
  • key: the string content of the host key. required.
  • filename: The filename you wish to edit. The default is /root/.ssh/known_hosts.
  • owner: the owner of the file. be sure to pair this with group and filename.
  • group: the group of the file.


  • Fork the project
  • Make your edits
  • Be sure to not change anything in metadata.rb without prior permission.
  • Send a pull request.


Erik Hollensbe

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