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Interface with PagerDuty straight from Hubot!
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A PagerDuty Hubot Module

PagerDuty is a service that aggregates your alerting systems and routes them. For example, you can get an alert from nagios that goes to your Operations team, and another from Airbrake that gets sent to your devs.

What this script does is integrate your Hubot with the PagerDuty API.

It provides a few features:

  • Ability to retrieve oncall rotation list for the current time
  • Poll for incoming incidents and send a message to an "incident room" (e.g., the Operations or Dev Team Rooms) with details.

More features are coming. This was initially developed in house to scratch an itch, and others have expressed interest in making use of it.

Requirements and Installation

Add hubot-pagerduty to your hubot's package.json and npm install.

Then, copy node_modules/hubot-pagerduty/src/ into your hubot's scripts/ directory. You will only need to do this once, and will let you keep current with new updates.

You will also need to create a pagerdutyrc at the root of your hubot's path. This is a JSON object and consists of a few fields:

  • token: the API token you will use
  • api_subdomain: the pagerduty subdomain. If you use to login, this will be foo.
  • schedules: this is an array of two-element arrays. Position 0 is the schedule name, and position 1 is the schedule ID. If you go to the pagerduty website and look at a schedule, this will be the 6 digit alphanumeric code in the URL.
  • incident_room: this is room ID to send notifications on incoming alerts, and will be specific to your chat medium.

This is parsed with JSON.parse which does not allow comments. You've been warned!

Your file should look something like this:

    "token": "a_big_string_of_characters",
    "schedules": [
      [ "Level 1", "ABCDEFG" ],
      [ "Level 2", "HIJKLMN" ],
      [ "Level 3", "OPQRSTU" ],
      [ "Level 4", "VWXYZ12" ]
    "incident_room": "",
    "api_subdomain": "mommas-basement"


Hotel Tonight ( whipped this up. See the LICENSE file for distribution details.


  • Fork the project
  • Make your changes.
    • Metadata changes such as to the license and authorship information will be rejected regardless how good your patch is.
  • Send a pull request to this repository with a friendly hello.
  • Have a beer.
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