Foundational code for the web page. HTML, CSS, Javascript
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Foundational code for the web page. HTML, CSS, Javascript

What the project does

This project is a starter kit for initializing a web page coding project. Starting with the foundation building blocks:

  1. HTML
  2. CSS
  3. Javascript (with jQuery)

Why the project is useful

This project has three intended goals:

  1. Serve as a most basic example of my codes.
  2. Formalize and extend my source control (GIT) practice.
  3. Collaborate with and mentor @jessemcbrower on all things interwebs development.

How users can get started with the project

Add HTML, CSS, or Javascript to learn more about best practices of the standard HTML document and it's rendering in a browser.

👍 Syntax and formatting for an .MD file from Github Documentation: GitHub basic-writing-and-formatting-syntax and emojii codes from Complete list of github markdown emoji markup ASCII Art in stylesheet generator *Side note: I included an MIT license, because it sounded appropriate given the academic leanings of this project, but to be honest, I am not that familiar with it. * 😇