Guildwars 2 Visualization
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Guildwars 2 Visualization

Interactive data visualization of guild wars 2 gender, races, professions, and tradeskill choices. Uses D3 and SVG filters.

Dependencies (For running server locally)

Python (Optional) - Node, NPM ( Node package manager - ) - used to compile Less and minify JS Coffeescript (to compile to JS)

Note: All static files are linked to index.html, so a server / build process is not required if you just wish to view the page locally

Running Locally

Requirements: Python and PIP Included in this repo are the built files, so to get up and running simply make the files accessible via a server. A virtualenvironment and dependencies via PIP are included.
(If you do not have PIP installed, use sudo easy_install pip

Setup the local server (sets up virtualenv and flask and other dependencies)

  • To setup PIP, sudo easy_install pip or (if using debian based distro) apt-get install python-pip or (from source)

  • Setup python requirements (will install Flask (simple HTTP server and pymongo (used to talk with mongo)) ./server/ (Run as sudo if permissions are problematic. Run from this project's folder)

  • Run the server ./

  • The site can be accessed via port 1337; go to http://localhost:1337

Building (OPTIONAL)

If you'd like to build the source, NodeJS and npm is used. Note - this step is optional, as the CSS and JS files are included The dependencies for Node are listed in package.json. To build:

  • Install NodeJS
  • Install NPM
  • In this project's directory, run npm install -d
  • Make the third party files in this project's directory, run make third
  • Make everything, run make
  • All done

Usage Information

Editing CSS

Style files are written in LESS. To modify a CSS property: * Edit the corresponding .less file in static/less * Execute make: make less (Note: this requires Node and Less to be installed)


Note: This project is written using Coffeescript. To compile .coffee files to .js, you can run make after following the building steps outlined above * (Requires the coffee binary and uglifiy JS compiler)