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  • Don't use ANSI colors when terminal is dumb.
  • Ensure default option/argument is not erroneously aliased.
  • Fixes a bug in the calculation of the print_wrapped method.
  • Obey :mute and options[:quiet] in Shell#say.
  • Support Ruby 3.0.
  • Add force option to the gsub_file action.


  • Fix thor when thor/base and thor/group are required without thor.rb.
  • Handle relative source path in create_link.


  • Drop support to Ruby 1.8 and 1.9.

  • Deprecate relying on default exit_on_failure?. In preparation to make Thor commands exit when there is a failure we are deprecating defining a command without defining what behavior is expected when there is a failure.

    To fix the deprecation you need to define a class method called exit_on_failure? returning

    false if you want the current behavior or true if you want the new behavior.

  • Deprecate defining an option with the default value using a different type as defined in the option.

  • Allow options to be repeatable. See #674.


  • Support old versions of did_you_mean.


  • Fix did_you_mean support.


  • Support new versions of ERB.
  • Fix check_unknown_options! to not check the content that was not parsed, i.e. after a -- or after the first unknown with stop_on_unknown_option!
  • Add did_you_mean support.


  • Add check_default_type! to check if the default value of an option matches the defined type. It removes the warning on usage and gives the command authors the possibility to check for programming errors.

  • Add disable_required_check! to disable check for required options in some commands. It is a substitute of disable_class_options that was not working as intended.

  • Add inject_into_module.

0.19.4, release 2016-11-28

  • Rename Thor::Base#thor_reserved_word? to #is_thor_reserved_word?

0.19.3, release 2016-11-27

  • Output a warning instead of raising an exception when a default option value doesn't match its specified type

0.19.2, release 2016-11-26

  • Fix bug with handling of colors passed to ask (and methods like yes? and no? which it underpins)
  • Allow numeric arguments to be negative
  • Ensure that default option values are of the specified type (e.g. you can't specify "foo" as the default for a numeric option), but make symbols and strings interchangeable
  • Add Thor::Shell::Basic#indent method for intending output
  • Fix remove_command for an inherited command (see #451)
  • Allow hash arguments to only have each key provided once (see #455)
  • Allow commands to disable class options, for instance for "help" commands (see #363)
  • Do not generate a negative option (--no-no-foo) for already negative boolean options (--no-foo)
  • Improve compatibility of Thor::CoreExt::HashWithIndifferentAccess with Ruby standard library Hash
  • Allow specifying a custom binding for template evaluation (e.g. #key? and #fetch)
  • Fix support for subcommand-specific "help"s
  • Use a string buffer when handling ERB for Ruby 2.3 compatibility
  • Update dependencies

0.19.1, release 2014-03-24

  • Fix say non-String break regression

0.19.0, release 2014-03-22

  • Add support for a default to #ask
  • Avoid @namespace not initialized warning
  • Avoid private attribute? warning
  • Fix initializing with unknown options
  • Loosen required_rubygems_version for compatibility with Ubuntu 10.04
  • Shell#ask: support a noecho option for stdin
  • Shell#ask: change API to be :echo => false
  • Display a message without a stack trace for ambiguous commands
  • Make say and say_status thread safe
  • Dependency for console io version check
  • Alias --help to help on subcommands
  • Use mime-types 1.x for Ruby 1.8.7 compatibility for Ruby 1.8 only
  • Accept .tt files as templates
  • Check if numeric value is in enum
  • Use Readline for user input
  • Fix dispatching of subcommands (concerning :help and *args)
  • Fix warnings when running specs with $VERBOSE = true
  • Make subcommand help more consistent
  • Make the current command chain accessible in command

0.18.1, release 2013-03-30

  • Revert regressions found in 0.18.0

0.18.0, release 2013-03-26

  • Remove rake2thor
  • Only display colors if output medium supports colors
  • Pass parent_options to subcommands
  • Fix non-dash-prefixed aliases
  • Make error messages more helpful
  • Rename "task" to "command"
  • Add the method to allow for custom package name

0.17.0, release 2013-01-24

  • Add better support for tasks that accept arbitrary additional arguments (e.g. things like bundle exec)
  • Add #stop_on_unknown_option!
  • Only strip from stdin.gets if it wasn't ended with EOF
  • Allow "send" as a task name
  • Allow passing options as arguments after "--"
  • Autoload Thor::Group

0.16.0, release 2012-08-14

  • Add enum to string arguments

0.15.4, release 2012-06-29

  • Fix regression when destination root contains reserved regexp characters

0.15.3, release 2012-06-18

  • Support strict_args_position! for backwards compatibility
  • Escape Dir glob characters in paths

0.15.2, released 2012-05-07

  • Added print_in_columns
  • Exposed terminal_width as a public API

0.15.1, release 2012-05-06

  • Fix Ruby 1.8 truncation bug with unicode chars
  • Fix shell delegate methods to pass their block
  • Don't output trailing spaces when printing the last column in a table

0.15, released 2012-04-29

  • Alias method_options to options
  • Refactor say to allow multiple colors
  • Exposed error as a public API
  • Exposed file_collision as a public API
  • Exposed print_wrapped as a public API
  • Exposed set_color as a public API
  • Fix number-formatting bugs in print_table
  • Fix "indent" typo in print_table
  • Fix Errno::EPIPE when piping tasks to head
  • More friendly error messages

0.14, released 2010-07-25

  • Added CreateLink class and #link_file method
  • Made Thor::Actions#run use system as default method for system calls
  • Allow use of private methods from superclass as tasks
  • Added mute(&block) method which allows to run block without any output
  • Removed config[:pretend]
  • Enabled underscores for command line switches
  • Added Thor::Base.basename which is used by both Thor.banner and Thor::Group.banner
  • Deprecated invoke() without arguments
  • Added :only and :except to check_unknown_options

0.13, released 2010-02-03

  • Added :lazy_default which is only triggered if a switch is given
  • Added Thor::Shell::HTML
  • Added subcommands
  • Decoupled Thor::Group and Thor, so it's easier to vendor
  • Added check_unknown_options! in case you want error messages to be raised in valid switches
  • run(command) should return the results of command

0.12, released 2010-01-02

  • Methods generated by attr_* are automatically not marked as tasks
  • inject_into_file does not add the same content twice, unless :force is set
  • Removed rr in favor to rspec mock framework
  • Improved output for thor -T
  • [#7] Do not force white color on status
  • [#8] Yield a block with the filename on directory

0.11, released 2009-07-01

  • Added a rake compatibility layer. It allows you to use spec and rdoc tasks on Thor classes.

  • BACKWARDS INCOMPATIBLE: aliases are not generated automatically anymore since it may cause wrong behavior in the invocation system.

  • thor help now show information about any class/task. All those calls are possible:

    thor help describe
    thor help describe:amazing

    Or even with default namespaces:

    thor help :spec
  • Thor::Runner now invokes the default task if none is supplied:

    thor describe # invokes the default task, usually help
  • Thor::Runner now works with mappings:

    thor describe -h
  • Added some documentation and code refactoring.

0.9.8, released 2008-10-20

  • Fixed some tiny issues that were introduced lately.

0.9.7, released 2008-10-13

  • Setting global method options on the initialize method works as expected: All other tasks will accept these global options in addition to their own.
  • Added 'group' notion to Thor task sets (class Thor); by default all tasks are in the 'standard' group. Running 'thor -T' will only show the standard tasks - adding --all will show all tasks. You can also filter on a specific group using the --group option: thor -T --group advanced

0.9.6, released 2008-09-13

  • Generic improvements

0.9.5, released 2008-08-27

  • Improve Windows compatibility
  • Update (incorrect) README and task.thor sample file
  • Options hash is now frozen (once returned)
  • Allow magic predicates on options object. For instance: options.force?
  • Add support for :numeric type
  • BACKWARDS INCOMPATIBLE: Refactor Thor::Options. You cannot access shorthand forms in options hash anymore (for instance, options[:f])
  • Allow specifying optional args with default values: method_options(:user => "mislav")
  • Don't write options for nil or false values. This allows, for example, turning color off when running specs.
  • Exit with the status of the spec command to help CI stuff out some.

0.9.4, released 2008-08-13

  • Try to add Windows compatibility.
  • BACKWARDS INCOMPATIBLE: options hash is now accessed as a property in your class and is not passed as last argument anymore
  • Allow options at the beginning of the argument list as well as the end.
  • Make options available with symbol keys in addition to string keys.
  • Allow true to be passed to Thor#method_options to denote a boolean option.
  • If loading a thor file fails, don't give up, just print a warning and keep going.
  • Make sure that we re-raise errors if they happened further down the pipe than we care about.
  • Only delete the old file on updating when the installation of the new one is a success
  • Make it Ruby 1.8.5 compatible.
  • Don't raise an error if a boolean switch is defined multiple times.
  • Thor::Options now doesn't parse through things that look like options but aren't.
  • Add URI detection to install task, and make sure we don't append ".thor" to URIs
  • Add rake2thor to the gem binfiles.
  • Make sure local Thorfiles override system-wide ones.