Running help on subcommands doesn't show subcommand name #170

wagenet opened this Issue Sep 19, 2011 · 3 comments

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For example cli subcommand help shows

  cli command1
  cli command2

What I expect is:

  cli subcommand command1
  cli subcommand command2

This issue also applies to the error message when a subcommand's command is called incorrectly.


+1. Just ran into this today. I may try and fix someday, but no time today. :)


Isn't this the same as #128, #137, #147, #196, #306, #263, and probably a few others that are closed and open? I'm still seeing this problem in 0.18.1


I have the same issue... however, specifying argument in my sub command seems to disable help.

desc "subcommand", "this is my example subcommand"
argument :name, :required => true
def subcommand(name)

The following $ mycli subcommand help command should produce detailed help information, however it just repeats the list of subcommand short forms

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