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Warning for instance variable. #132

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I noticed that while running the tests in rails3 there are warnings. instance variable @mute not initialized. Hope i didn't broke anything.
Added defined? @mute to get rid of "instance variable @mute not initialized" when running rails3 railties tests.


I was tripped by this too and it turns out I had the environment variable RUBYOPT="-w" set. I was puzzled when I wanted to reproduce this bug in a clean install on a test account. The clean test account showed no warnings while my regular development account showed many.

I hope this comment helps people if they want to reproduce such bug reports.

The fix is probably worthwile anyway but it may be better to add @mute = nil to Thor::Shell::Basic#initialize


I prefer @elmar's solution here.


Why can't it be ―

  def mute?
    @mute ||= false

That will avoid the warning AFAIK and will give the same result right? If things are good as it is then maybe this pull request can be closed. :)


@rohit want to submit a pull request for this? I'm closing this one as I like your solution.

@wycats wycats closed this
@sferik sferik referenced this pull request from a commit
@sferik sferik Revert "silence instance var not initialized warning #132"
This reverts commit 7a64f87.
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Commits on May 23, 2011
  1. @konieczkow

    Added defined? @mute to get rid of "instance variable @mute not initi…

    konieczkow authored
    …alized" when running rails3 railties tests.
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  1. +1 −1  lib/thor/shell/basic.rb
2  lib/thor/shell/basic.rb
@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@ def mute
# Check if base is muted
def mute?
- @mute
+ defined?(@mute) ? @mute : false
# Sets the output padding, not allowing less than zero values.
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