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Fixes issues with handling incorrect number of command arguments with JRuby #204

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It looks like Thor decides how command argument errors are handled based on exception backtraces. After taking a closer look, JRuby backtraces include references to Java source code that disrupt handle_argument_error?. In order to address this, I added an additional filter to the backtrace that rejects Java source files if RUBY_PLATFORM matches /java/.

This patch is meant to resolve #179 and makes the specs below pass with JRuby. Any alternate solutions or feedback are welcome.

rspec ./spec/group_spec.rb:34 # Thor::Group#start raises an error when a Thor group task expects arguments
rspec ./spec/group_spec.rb:128 # Thor::Group#invoke_from_option with default type allows to invoke a class from the class binding by the given option
rspec ./spec/runner_spec.rb:107 # Thor::Runner#start does not swallow Thor::Group InvocationError
rspec ./spec/runner_spec.rb:112 # Thor::Runner#start does not swallow Thor InvocationError
rspec ./spec/thor_spec.rb:174 # Thor#start raises an error if a required param is not provided
rspec ./spec/thor_spec.rb:204 # Thor Thor#start when the user enters an unambiguous substring of a command should invoke a command, even when there's an alias the resolves to the same command

I am willing to accept this, and half-wrote this fix myself, but I am extremely unhappy with the heuristic being used here. We should strip this down and try to rethink what we're doing here in the first place.

@wycats wycats merged commit b2be097 into erikhuda:master

I should note that this doesn't fix similar issues with Rubinius, and it's harder to fix Rubinius.


I definitely can't disagree.

@pmenglund pmenglund referenced this pull request from a commit in pmenglund/thor
@nerdyc nerdyc Use #public_methods to check whether a command method is public, rath…
…er than private_methods+protected_methods.

(Works around bug #204 in MacRuby)
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  1. +1 −1  lib/thor/task.rb
2  lib/thor/task.rb
@@ -87,7 +87,7 @@ def local_method?(instance, name)
def sans_backtrace(backtrace, caller) #:nodoc:
- saned = backtrace.reject { |frame| frame =~ FILE_REGEXP }
+ saned = backtrace.reject { |frame| frame =~ FILE_REGEXP || (frame =~ /\.java:/ && RUBY_PLATFORM =~ /java/) }
saned -= caller
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