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Do not assume 'rspec' found on $PATH is suitable #214

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It could be arbitrarily old, or the Ruby run time that is running thor :spec may have a more suitable rspec.


Doesn't this depend on rubygems?


I suppose so.

Otherwise, we'd need something like:

require 'rbconfig'
ruby = File.join(RbConfig::CONFIG["bindir"], RbConfig::CONFIG["RUBY_INSTALL_NAME"])
exec "#{ruby} -S rspec --color --format=documentation spec"

Wait, why is this a problem? Don't you guys run the specs with bundle exec thor spec?


I suspect that the problem becomes "Do not assume bundle found on $PATH is suitable," then.


I'm still having trouble understanding why this is a problem. This is for running thor's own specs on a machine you control, right? Or is this trying to fix something else?


I have a JRuby installation that has its own rspec. In $PATH, rspec points to MRI's. exec will pick the latter. Problems ensue.


I see. Do you not use bundler to run the specs? Seems to me that would fix the problem (and is what you ought to be using anyway).

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  1. +1 −1  Thorfile
2  Thorfile
@@ -25,6 +25,6 @@ class Default < Thor
desc "spec", "Run RSpec code examples"
def spec
- exec "rspec --color --format=documentation spec"
+ exec "#{Gem.ruby} -S rspec --color --format=documentation spec"
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