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@JesseHerrick JesseHerrick Fix a typo 08d8b2b
@luikore luikore add :enum in available options 60f953b
@Nerian Nerian Updated Method Options (markdown) c90f9fe
@TorstenRobitzki TorstenRobitzki The function to specify _one_ options is called method_option and takes two parameters. method_options takes only one parameter f1c3bf4
@TorstenRobitzki TorstenRobitzki Revert f8bf7c6b75d1e39472af201beebddfd5df9b843b^ ... f8bf7c6b75d1e39472af201beebddfd5df9b843b on Method Options 4d3a0fe
@jsw0528 jsw0528 method_option -> method_options f8bf7c6
@mkaito mkaito Added dashes to make the "no- or skip-variant" line more clear bb2db9d
@a-ross-cohen a-ross-cohen Had to search through the source code to figure out why my long form alias wasn't working, this makes it easier to find for the next person who needs to know. f88e945
@reactormonk reactormonk Updated Method Options (markdown) d82e8e9
@workergnome workergnome Added information on the :lazy_default option. If someone can verify that it's correctly documented... ae62007
@workergnome workergnome formatting fix to resolve minor potential confusion. b8a4790
@workergnome workergnome Added a list of available options (from the website file within the repository) 31a93c3
@hulihanapplications hulihanapplications Grammar: it's -> its 0882ba5
@chikamichi chikamichi Updated Method Options (markdown) 4b3804b
@derickbailey derickbailey Created Method Options (markdown) 2b7c831
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