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Andrew Premdas diabolo :  removed exception catching, this allows exceptions to get back to Aruba so that it can show them when a feature fails [54b8bdb]
Andrew Premdas diabolo :  fix typo (at least I think it was a typo) [50e70a7]
Prateek Agarwal prat0318 :  Updated Getting Started (markdown) [8ef0b56]
Daniel Pehrson dpehrson :  Typo fix. [8cd735e]
Daniel Pehrson dpehrson :  Created Integrating with Aruba In-Process Runs (markdown) [400f1a7]
Jesse Herrick JesseHerrick :  Fix a typo [08d8b2b]
Max Calabrese maxcal :  Updated Generators (markdown) [060496c]
Ma Angelica Zabaleta mazp92 :  Updated Home (markdown) [f908f0e]
Luikore luikore :  add :enum in available options [60f953b]
Juanito Fatas JuanitoFatas :  typo: ala => aka [8e80d86]
Brian Fontenot fontno :  format and syntax clean up [1571973]
Gonzalo Rodríguez-Baltanás Díaz Nerian :  Updated Method Options (markdown) [c90f9fe]
Tommaso Pavese tompave :  typo correction [8e8d2d5]
Tommaso Pavese tompave :  Added instructions to register a `Thor::Group` subclass as a task of the main `Thor` Cli executable, using the `register` method [a480f9e]
Alex Manelis amanelis :  Added an example usage of "package_name" and described it in the wiki page. [391f5e2]
adi pradhan adi-pradhan :  added install method to class , otherwise to a first time reader like me it is not clear how thor:app install can be called [9f09a59]
antquinonez antquinonez :  fixed broken sentence. [65a9e79]
Torsten Robitzki TorstenRobitzki :  The function to specify _one_ options is called method_option and takes two parameters. method_options takes only one parameter [f1c3bf4]
Torsten Robitzki TorstenRobitzki :  Revert f8bf7c6b75d1e39472af201beebddfd5df9b843b^ ... f8bf7c6b75d1e39472af201beebddfd5df9b843b on Method Options [4d3a0fe]
Tyler Brock TylerBrock :  Updated Home (markdown) [f0a7d72]
wǒ_is神仙 jsw0528 :  method_option -> method_options [f8bf7c6]
Chris Hoeppner mkaito :  Added dashes to make the "no- or skip-variant" line more clear [bb2db9d]
André Wendt awendt :  Revert f88e9451ff5f88aa495abd2ee27a560315e9498a ... d4fdbafdac055c5c990a96b1cc333aa9b40be291 [a065fb4]
kaptux kaptux :  Destroyed Getting Started (markdown) [d4fdbaf]
Adam Ross Cohen a-ross-cohen :  Had to search through the source code to figure out why my long form alias wasn't working, this makes it easier to find for the next person who needs to know. [f88e945]
Vijay Dev vijaydev :  Added missing text in output [33a8843]
Jakub Okoński farnoy :  Updated How To get params in command line with thor ? (textile => markdown) [f5af57c]
Philip (flip) Kromer mrflip :  doc referred to "example above" (it was probably cut from a larger document). Added the example explicitly. [00494cc]
Asyraf Abdul Rahman asyraf9 :  Revert 083fd14fd1c4c6fd4751e61c3057942537baa86a ... 016ec2afead319bfe167fa33f641d5f15aa73be6 [efcb69a]
haniworldkvh haniworldkvh :  Destroyed Getting Started (markdown) [016ec2a]
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