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@davidcelis davidcelis Destroyed How To get params in command line with thor ? (markdown) Jul 14, 2015 ae73bdc
@korabh korabh Updated How To get params in command line with thor ? (markdown) Jul 7, 2015 30feef0
@pniederlag pniederlag Mention Thorfile naming convention Nov 25, 2014 b7275f2
@e2 e2 Updated Integrating with Aruba In Process Runs (markdown) Nov 4, 2014 8c8d5f3
@e2 e2 Capture SystemExit as well to prevent killing tests when e.g. abort() is called. Nov 4, 2014 484d5d2
@e2 e2 Avoid placing a "\t\tfrom " on the first line, or vim-ruby errorformat chokes expecting the beginning of a error block... Nov 4, 2014 5518aa2
@rusikf rusikf add desc Oct 9, 2014 b6902ce
@rusikf rusikf Updated Home (markdown) Oct 9, 2014 0f84b66
@rusikf rusikf Revert 8e80d86c566fe0604ab6f4c182bee915f60c97c8...2848c2f94813a949d78073f3bd23fd0d49eba1fb on Home Oct 9, 2014 0880472
@rusikf rusikf Updated Home (markdown) Oct 9, 2014 2848c2f
@rusikf rusikf thor task names, valid path in require, valid shell command Oct 9, 2014 245703b
@rusikf rusikf Change thor command ( class name is not counter , and add module name as namespace) Oct 9, 2014 eddb031
@jteval jteval Exit with a non-zero status and write error to STDERR in case of unhandled exception May 2, 2014 7e54d72
@diabolo diabolo removed exception catching, this allows exceptions to get back to Aruba so that it can show them when a feature fails Mar 25, 2014 54b8bdb
@diabolo diabolo fix typo (at least I think it was a typo) Mar 25, 2014 50e70a7
@dpehrson dpehrson Typo fix. Jan 27, 2014 8cd735e
@dpehrson dpehrson Created Integrating with Aruba In-Process Runs (markdown) Jan 27, 2014 400f1a7
@JesseHerrick JesseHerrick Fix a typo Jan 14, 2014 08d8b2b
@maxcal maxcal Updated Generators (markdown) Dec 5, 2013 060496c
@luikore luikore add :enum in available options Aug 17, 2013 60f953b
@JuanitoFatas JuanitoFatas typo: ala => aka Jul 27, 2013 8e80d86
@fontno fontno format and syntax clean up Jul 7, 2013 1571973
@Nerian Nerian Updated Method Options (markdown) Apr 18, 2013 c90f9fe
@tompave tompave typo correction Apr 11, 2013 8e8d2d5
@tompave tompave Added instructions to register a `Thor::Group` subclass as a task of the main `Thor` Cli executable, using the `register` method Apr 11, 2013 a480f9e
@amanelis amanelis Added an example usage of "package_name" and described it in the wiki page. Mar 26, 2013 391f5e2
@adidoit adidoit added install method to class , otherwise to a first time reader like me it is not clear how thor:app install can be called Feb 12, 2013 9f09a59
@antquinonez antquinonez fixed broken sentence. Nov 30, 2012 65a9e79
@TorstenRobitzki TorstenRobitzki The function to specify _one_ options is called method_option and takes two parameters. method_options takes only one parameter Nov 16, 2012 f1c3bf4
@TorstenRobitzki TorstenRobitzki Revert f8bf7c6b75d1e39472af201beebddfd5df9b843b^ ... f8bf7c6b75d1e39472af201beebddfd5df9b843b on Method Options Nov 16, 2012 4d3a0fe
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