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open source analysis of pop culture launched at neurosummit

click on areyouthedata.ipynb above fore a jupyter notebook analysis and prediction of who is matched with who in MTV's hit television show "Are You The One"

spoiler alert!

the season finale for "Are You The One" is on Monday, August 15th, and the "scientifically determined pairings" of the 10 guys and 10 girls have not been exposed to participants

i simulated all possible pairings and compared the outcomes vs the week-by-week data to make predictions of which contestant pairings!

it look the program 55566 simulations to form these predictions

the prediction of the above notebook is:

Prosper projected to be with Emma

Tyler projected to be with Camille

Cameron projected to be with Julia

Steven projected to be with Nicole

Asaf projected to be with Kaelyn

John projected to be with Victoria

Sam projected to be with Alyssa

Morgan projected to be with Tori

Gio projected to be with Francesca