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Resources from techorama NL 2018
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Techorama NL 2018 resources

Scott Guthrie - The Intelligent Cloud

Scott Guthrie - Azure Deep Dive with Scott Guthrie

Jan De Vries - Don't let your serverless solution become the frontpage news!

Elton Stoneman - Why Containers Will Take Over the World

Adam Saxton - An admin’s look at Power BI

Christos Matskas - DevOps: Zero to Hero with Visual Studio Team Services (Azure DevOps)

Bart De Smet - What's new in C# 7.x and beyond?

Jimmy Engström - Holo world - Create your first HoloLens app with Unity

Stephen Haunts - Scaling Agile in your Organization with the Spotify Model

Chris Klug - Angular Application Testing Outside the Church of TDD

Mulder Dibran, Jeroen Meijer - Automating car body shops with ancient devices all around the global

Lars Klint - Microservices Development Sanity with Azure Dev Spaces

Alex Mang - Docker Adventures in Azure for a Hardcore Windows Developer

Brent Ozar - Watch Brent Tune Queries

Kevin Pilch - Modern day C# development in Visual Studio 2017

James Ashley - The Essential Guide to Machine Learning, Cat Recognition, and Azure Custom Vision Service

Heather Downing - Imposter Syndrome: Overcoming Self-Doubt in Success

Michel Vollebregt - Handling asynchronicity in JavaScript in 2018

Christian Weyer - WebAssembly & Progressive Web Apps: Rethinking modern application development

Sean Feldman - Azure Messaging Crossroads

Tom Kuijsten - Managing EV chargepoints in a hyperscale cloud architecture

Pinal Dave - Performance in 60 Seconds – SQL Tricks Everybody MUST Know

Christina Wheeler - Using Excel and Power BI Together

Allison Buchholtz-Au - Become a Visual Studio Productivity Ninja

Alex Thissen - Getting your head around .NET Standard 2.0

Tess Ferrandez-Norlander - A practical guide to deep learning

Andreas Erben - From Custom Vision to WinML on HoloLens - an end-to-end demo

Shawn Wildermuth - Enhancing Web Pages with VueJS: When You Don’t Need a full SPA

Rick Van Den Bosch - An intro to Azure Data Lake

Clemens Vasters - Eventing, Serverless, and the Extensible Enterprise

Alex Mang - How Far Can ‘Serverless’ Actually Go?

Laurent Bugnion - Porting MVVM Light to .NET Standard: Lessons learned

David Ortinau - The Secret Sauce of Native Mobile Apps

Jeff Prosise - AI for Software Developers

Sean Gilroy, Leena Haque - Designing the Future with Science Fiction. Will Future Technology Empower People With Disabilities?

Kevin Dockx - Best Practices for Building Async APIs with ASP.NET Core

Jeff Strauss - JavaScript Futures—ES2018 and Beyond

Ronald Harmsen - Building resilient micro-services with Azure Service Fabric

Grant Fritchey - The New Rules of SQL Server Monitoring

Brian Randell - DevOps for the SQL Server Database

Enrico Campidoglio - Understanding Git — Behind the Command Line

Wei-Meng Lee - Building Native iOS Apps using React Native

Jessica Engström - The Future is Lazy

Mike Wood - Teamwork - Playing Well with Others

Rainer Stropek - SPA Revolution with WebAssembly and ASP.NET Blazor

Rachel Appel - Write Object-Oriented JavaScript with TypeScript

Steef-Jan Wiggers - Azure - Plug & Play Architecture

Leonard Lobel - Introduction to Azure Cosmos DB

Jessica White - A Practical Guide to DevOps Dashboarding

Edwin Van Wijk - Building concurrent systems using Akka.NET

Jim Bennett - WooHoo, mobile my app is on the store! Now what?

Vishwas Lele - Applying ML to Software Development

Rasmus Hald - The Connected Vessel - The worlds largest IoT Device

Stephen Haunts - Blockchain Internals : A Developers View of How Blockchain Works

Jonathan Mills - Building Progressive Web Apps with React

Rik Hepworth - Azure Stack: Lessons learned from use in the real world

Grant Fritchey - Data Protection and Privacy in the Database World

Pinal Dave - Indexes - The Unsung Heroes of SQL Server

René van Osnabrugge - Security in your pipelines. The shift to Rugged DevOps

Sander Hoogendoorn - Do or don’t. There’s no try. Or is there? The power of monads explained. Sort of.

James Ashley - Developing for Magic Leap One, Creator Edition

Heather Downing - Google Assistant VS Alexa: Battle of the Bots

Sean Gilroy, Leena Haque - The Myth of a Normal Brain: Rewiring conventional thinking &the benefits of embracing Neurodiversity

Jonathan Mills - SOLID JavaScript

Jeff Prosise - Building Intelligent Apps with Azure Machine Learning Studio

Vishwas Lele - Microservices with AKS (Managed Kubernetes)

Brent Ozar - Why is the Same Query Sometimes Slow?

Elton Stoneman - CI/CD for the Database - Powered by Containers

Kenny Baas, João Rosa - Improving design and code quality with Property-based testing

Jesse Houwing, Manuel Riezebosch - Join me on my TDD journey

David Ortinau - Xamarin: All the Latest and Greatest

Lars Klint - The Force Awakens - Mastering Your Inner Developer

Rainer Stropek - Modernizing a Manufacturing Control System with Angular, SVG, and WebSockets

Sean Feldman - Azure Service Bus Messaging - Deep dive

Leonard Lobel - New SQL Server 2016 Security Features for Developers

Pat Hermens - From 100 to 1,000+ deployments a day!

Edward Thomson - Ship-it with Microsoft Azure, VSTS, and GitHub

Allison Buchholtz-Au - Learnings in Obsessive Experimentation

Rolf Huisman - Programming Quantum Computers in .Net using Q#

Lander Verhack - Understanding Redux By Building Your Own

Andreas Erben - Mixed Reality - It's all about that space, not pixels

Shawn Wildermuth - Beyond Bower: Strategies for ASP.NET Core Developers

Pete Brown, Giorgio Sardo - Cool sh*t you can build with the latest Windows

Donovan Brown - Enterprise transformation (and you can too)

Dennis Doomen - The strengths and weaknesses of dependency injection

Yves Goeleven, Kristof Rennen - Inside the Microsoft Azure Storage Service

Nico Jacobs - Taking a dip in the Azure Data Lake

Brian Randell - Azure DevOps with VSTS, Docker, and K8

Els Putzeys - PowerShell Core: What every developer should know

Rachel Appel - Accessible Design & Development in Action

Kevin Pilch - CLI first .NET - Projects and MSBuild, SDKs, NuGet and Global tools

Jeff Strauss - What You Need to Know About Open Source—Trust Me, I'm a Lawyer

Jim Bennett - Adding platform specific magic to cross-platform Xamarin Forms apps

Alex Thissen - Building real world production-ready Web API's with .NET Core

Mike Wood - Being Efficient with Azure Automation

Christos Matskas - Intelligent and Scalable APIs with Azure Functions

Adam Saxton - Embedding with Power BI

Edward Thomson - How we moved 65,000 Microsofties to DevOps in Visual Studio Team Services

Bart De Smet - C# Language Internals

Mark Heath - HyperLINQ - take your LINQ skills to the next level

Christina Wheeler - Introduction to PowerApps

Wei-Meng Lee - What you always wanted to know but were afraid to ask: Blockchain, Smart Contracts, and Ethereum

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