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from __future__ import print_function, division
import numpy as np
import math
from mlfromscratch.utils import make_diagonal, Plot
from mlfromscratch.deep_learning.activation_functions import Sigmoid
class LogisticRegression():
""" Logistic Regression classifier.
learning_rate: float
The step length that will be taken when following the negative gradient during
gradient_descent: boolean
True or false depending if gradient descent should be used when training. If
false then we use batch optimization by least squares.
def __init__(self, learning_rate=.1, gradient_descent=True):
self.param = None
self.learning_rate = learning_rate
self.gradient_descent = gradient_descent
self.sigmoid = Sigmoid()
def _initialize_parameters(self, X):
n_features = np.shape(X)[1]
# Initialize parameters between [-1/sqrt(N), 1/sqrt(N)]
limit = 1 / math.sqrt(n_features)
self.param = np.random.uniform(-limit, limit, (n_features,))
def fit(self, X, y, n_iterations=4000):
# Tune parameters for n iterations
for i in range(n_iterations):
# Make a new prediction
y_pred = self.sigmoid(
if self.gradient_descent:
# Move against the gradient of the loss function with
# respect to the parameters to minimize the loss
self.param -= self.learning_rate * -(y - y_pred).dot(X)
# Make a diagonal matrix of the sigmoid gradient column vector
diag_gradient = make_diagonal(self.sigmoid.gradient(
# Batch opt:
self.param = np.linalg.pinv( + y - y_pred)
def predict(self, X):
y_pred = np.round(self.sigmoid(
return y_pred
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