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import logging
import numpy as np
import progressbar
from mlfromscratch.utils.misc import bar_widgets
from mlfromscratch.utils import batch_iterator
from mlfromscratch.deep_learning.activation_functions import Sigmoid
sigmoid = Sigmoid()
class RBM():
"""Bernoulli Restricted Boltzmann Machine (RBM)
n_hidden: int:
The number of processing nodes (neurons) in the hidden layer.
learning_rate: float
The step length that will be used when updating the weights.
batch_size: int
The size of the mini-batch used to calculate each weight update.
n_iterations: float
The number of training iterations the algorithm will tune the weights for.
A Practical Guide to Training Restricted Boltzmann Machines
def __init__(self, n_hidden=128, learning_rate=0.1, batch_size=10, n_iterations=100):
self.n_iterations = n_iterations
self.batch_size = batch_size = learning_rate
self.n_hidden = n_hidden
self.progressbar = progressbar.ProgressBar(widgets=bar_widgets)
def _initialize_weights(self, X):
n_visible = X.shape[1]
self.W = np.random.normal(scale=0.1, size=(n_visible, self.n_hidden))
self.v0 = np.zeros(n_visible) # Bias visible
self.h0 = np.zeros(self.n_hidden) # Bias hidden
def fit(self, X, y=None):
'''Contrastive Divergence training procedure'''
self.training_errors = []
self.training_reconstructions = []
for _ in self.progressbar(range(self.n_iterations)):
batch_errors = []
for batch in batch_iterator(X, batch_size=self.batch_size):
# Positive phase
positive_hidden = sigmoid( + self.h0)
hidden_states = self._sample(positive_hidden)
positive_associations =
# Negative phase
negative_visible = sigmoid( + self.v0)
negative_visible = self._sample(negative_visible)
negative_hidden = sigmoid( + self.h0)
negative_associations =
self.W += * (positive_associations - negative_associations)
self.h0 += * (positive_hidden.sum(axis=0) - negative_hidden.sum(axis=0))
self.v0 += * (batch.sum(axis=0) - negative_visible.sum(axis=0))
batch_errors.append(np.mean((batch - negative_visible) ** 2))
# Reconstruct a batch of images from the training set
idx = np.random.choice(range(X.shape[0]), self.batch_size)
def _sample(self, X):
return X > np.random.random_sample(size=X.shape)
def reconstruct(self, X):
positive_hidden = sigmoid( + self.h0)
hidden_states = self._sample(positive_hidden)
negative_visible = sigmoid( + self.v0)
return negative_visible
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