MMM-Vindsiden is a MagicMirror² module for displaying live weather data from (Norway).
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MagicMirror² Module: Vindsiden

'MMM-Vindsiden' is a module for displaying weather data from on a MagicMirror². It's using data from [].


Current version is 1.0.0 See changelog for version history.


Remote to your MM2-box with your terminal software and go to your MagicMirror's Module folder:

cd ~/MagicMirror/modules

Clone the repository:

git clone

Go to the modules folder:

cd MMM-vindsiden

Install the dependencies:

npm install

Add the module to the modules array in the config/config.js file by adding the following section. You can change this configuration later when you see this works:

	module: 'MMM-vindsiden',
	header: '',
	position: 'top_left',
	config: {

		maxItems: 10,
		locations: [
				locationId: "1" //Larkollen

For a full list of avaiable weatherstations, see: API is roughly documented here: