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InstallApplications Demo

This repository is a full example of how to use InstallApplications in a production environment.

It has been updated for the new Python 3.9 embedded version of InstallApplications. This version should support M1 macs

Some interesting things to look at:

  • a fork of dockutil for use exclusively with the embedded Python
  • a script to bless VM's for use with FileVault encryption
  • a script to silently caffeinate a machine and continue on with provisioning
  • a script to customize DEPNotify, as well as examples in other scripts to further give information to the user
  • a script to bootstrap Munki with a specific "DEP" provisioning manifest
  • a script to silently run Munki in "auto" mode after provisioning is complete
  • a script to enable Munki's LaunchDaemons without requiring a reboot, utilizing official Munki packages
  • a script to show a basic example of how the preflight works, enabling you to only run InstallApplications when needed
  • a user script to intelligently launch DEPNotify
  • a user script to intelligently configure a dock