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"preferences": {
"button_title_text": "Ready to start the update?",
"button_sub_titletext": "Click on the button below.",
"cut_off_date": "2019-12-31-00:00",
"cut_off_date_warning": 14,
"days_between_notifications": 0,
"logo_path": "/path/to/company_logo.png",
"main_subtitle_text": "A friendly reminder from your local IT team",
"main_title_text": "macOS Update",
"minimum_os_sub_build_version": "18G84",
"minimum_os_version": "10.14.6",
"more_info_url": "",
"no_timer": false,
"paragraph1_text": "A fully up-to-date device is required to ensure that IT can your accurately protect your computer.",
"paragraph2_text": "If you do not update your computer, you may lose access to some items necessary for your day-to-day tasks.",
"paragraph3_text": "To begin the update, simply click on the button below and follow the provided steps.",
"paragraph_title_text": "A security update is required on your machine.",
"path_to_app": "/Applications/Install macOS",
"random_delay": false,
"screenshot_path": "/path/to/update_ss.png",
"timer_day_1": 600,
"timer_day_3": 7200,
"timer_elapsed": 10,
"timer_final": 60,
"timer_initial": 14400,
"update_minor": false,
"update_minor_days": 14
"software_updates": [{
"name": "091-22861",
"force_install_date": "2019-12-31-00:00"
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