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Open Folder in iTerm LaunchBar Actions

If you want a hack that'll make LaunchBar's ⌘T properly open the selected folder in iTerm2 v3, check out this project.

These actions shouldn't be needed. After all, LaunchBar lets you choose iTerm as your preferred terminal application. But the built-in actions to open a selected folder in a new terminal window or tab fail silently if you've made that choice. At least if you are running the betas. This is due to some changes in iTerm's AppleScript definitions.


Download these these .lbactions and drop them in your LaunchBar actions folder: ~/Library/Application Support/LaunchBar/Actions/.

Alternatively, you could clone this Git repo into the actions folder:

cd ~/Library/Application\ Support/LaunchBar/Actions
git clone


Once you install these actions, you can use the actions a few different ways. These are really just some general LaunchBar tips that aren't unique to these actions:

  • Select a folder in LaunchBar, hit tab, then type the action name that you'd like
  • Or, after you select a folder, hit tab, type iterm, and tap the right arrow key to see these two actions (and any other additional actions that are associated with iTerm)
  • You could also have a folder selected in the Finder and use Instant Send to pass that folder to LaunchBar. Just in case you find that faster and easier than using LaunchBar to navigate to the folder that you want to open in iTerm.
  • You could use the Enter Text command to type (or paste) the folder path you want to open in iTerm.
  • Finally, you could do things in the opposite order. That is, select the iTerm action first and have LaunchBar prompt you for the folder you want to open. You could also choose the iTerm action, hit space, and type the name of the folder.

Personally, I find it easiest to use LaunchBar to navigate to the folder I want and then send it to one of these iTerm actions.

Thanks for checking this out. And here's to LaunchBar's built-in support for iTerm (beta versions) getting caught up with the times so that my custom actions aren't needed anymore! 🍺


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