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INACTIVE - iTerm2 LaunchBar Fix

iTerm 2 v3 fixed the bug this worked around and Karabiner does not work with macOS 10.12 or later. For both of these reasons this hack is no longer needed[^1].

If you are running the iTerm2 v3 beta and have set iTerm as your preferred terminal application in LaunchBar's preferences, you may have noticed that LaunchBar's terminal commands will not work. For example, selecting a path in LaunchBar and then choosing the Open Terminal Here command (or simply hitting ⌘T), fails silently. Read more here or check out this Twitter conversation.

This project is my hack to fix things. It uses Karabiner to hijack the ⌘T keystroke when LaunchBar is active. Installation is a little bit involved and assumes you are comfortable with the command line. If you'd prefer to just install a LaunchBar Action that adds commands to open a path in a new iTerm window or tab, but does not make the ⌘T shortcut work, I've got you covered.


Helper AppleScript

First, install the included new-iterm-tab.applescript file. It needs to live in /usr/local/bin/ so you can either copy it there or symlink it from the project directory to /usr/local/bin/. Here's a starting point for the command to make the symlink:

$ ln -s ~/projects/iterm2-lb-hack/new-iterm-tab.applescript /usr/local/bin


I'm assuming you have Karabiner installed. If not, you'll want to do that first.

First, you'll need to enable the Open LaunchBar By Command-Space option. It's highlighted in orange so it's hard to miss. But you might want to use the search function to narrow down the massive list of options built into Karabiner. If this option is not turned on, Karabiner won't be able to tell when LaunchBar is the active app.

Second, you need to add some code to the private.xml file. From the Misc & Uninstall tab, click the Open private.xml button. That actually just reveals the file in Finder, but from there you can open the file in your text editor.

Paste this code within the main <root> node of the private.xml file:

  <url type="shell">
    <![CDATA[osascript /usr/local/bin/new-iterm-tab.applescript]]>
  <name>⌘T to open path in new iTerm tab</name>
    KeyCode::T, VK_COMMAND,
    KeyCode::C, ModifierFlag::COMMAND_L,

Save private.xml and, back in Karabiner:

  • Hit the Reload XML button in the Change Key tab
  • Find the ⌘T to open path in new iTerm tab option and make sure it's turned on

With that, setup is complete.


In LaunchBar, navigate to a folder. Hit ⌘T. iTerm will activate and cd you into the folder. Just like it should.

[^1]: Although I do really wish that LaunchBar had the option for ⌘T to open a new iTerm tab rather than a new window.


Using Karabiner to hack around LaunchBar's broken integration with iTerm2 v3



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