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Wygwam Upload Tags extension

This is an EE1.6.8 version of Pixel & Tonic’s EE2 extension that demonstrates how to use Wygwam’s new wygwam_config hook. It parses Wygwam’s Upload Directory settings for {username}, {member_id}, and {group_id} tags.

The EE 1.6.8 conversion was done by Erik Reagan


(ExpressionEngine 2.0 version available here)


  • Upload ext.wygwam_upload_tags.php to system/extensions/
  • Enable Wygwam Upload Tags in Add-Ons → Extensions


To use Wygwam Upload Tags, just add a {username}, {member_id}, or {group_id} tag to your Upload Directory’s Server Path and URL settings within Admin → Weblog Administration → File Upload Preferences. The extension will then modify Wygwam’s Upload Directory settings per page load, based on the current member’s info.

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