A toy blog. A Django "nature hike".
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In One Ear

As a great scientist once said, "Please excuse the crudity of this model; I didn't have time to build it to scale or to paint it."

In One Ear is a toy blog, a chance for me to find out what it's like to start a Django site from scratch as opposed to my usual ENORMOUS INDUSTRIAL-STRENGTH MOZILLA CUSTOM-LIBRARY BOOGIE TOWN fare.

Beyond the bare-bones stuff, it has...

  • Nose test integration, using django-nose (because I'll go nuts without it)
  • Model makers for tests (because I still hate fixtures)
  • Internationalized static text (because it's easy)
  • Admin support for Articles and Comments (because it made bootstrapping easier)
  • Just enough CSS to make it bearable (because it's late and I am tired)

Known Issues

  • We allow saving invalid ReST. Rendering reports the errors (and doesn't foul the document), but it would be nice to hook that into the form validation.
  • Excerpting of articles that have ReST errors (or just use fancy structures) might output invalid HTML on the front page. Tags are balanced, thanks to truncatewords_html, but it's possible to, for instance, end up with a dl with a dt but no dd. Excerpting ReST is fun.
  • I see too late that Django has its own comments system. Using that would have given this a little bit of spam resistance for free.


  • Comment editing (maybe not anonymous ones)
  • Flip over to HTTPS when logging in, and stay there until logged out.
  • Minify static assets.
  • Support a CDN.
  • Nice 403s