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I hope these instructions are exactly vague enough for someone who's done this before to do it again fast.

Make A Virtualenv

Make a virtualenv, then drop (or link) in_one_ear into site-packages. (Sorry, no yet.) Python 2.7 and 2.6 work. 2.5 might as well.

Use pip to install the dependencies listed in requirements.txt:

pip install -r in_one_ear/requirements.txt

You might get away with newer versions, but I've pinned ones I know to work. In particular, psycopg2<=2.4.1 is required. They overhauled some transaction stuff after that that breaks Django 1.3.x. Django 1.4 will put up with it.

Set Up PostgreSQL

I've included a conservative pg_hba.conf in the config directory. You'll probably want to make your own changes. One thing to note is my "sameuser" line. It's not the tightest thing in the world, security-wise, but it sure cuts down on configuration needed for the common case of app users which are called the same thing as their database. If you call both your In One Ear user and your DB in_one_ear, it will serve you well.

Make a database.

Set Settings

In the settings folder, copy to, and edit the latter with your DB credentials, STATIC_ROOT value, etc.

The FS division between local and stock settings is something we use at Mozilla to avoid accidentally committing machine-specific things. It works pretty well, so I kept it.

Run syncdb

Enough said.

Run The Tests

To be sure everything's copasetic, run test.

Collect Static Assets

./ collectstatic

Set Up Apache

A working vhost is in config/in_one_ear.conf, but you'll need to replace my paths with yours.

Create Users

Once you've made your first superuser either by following prompts or by twiddling the DB, you can use the standard admin UI at /admin for the rest.