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RowExpander is a jQuery plugin that turns the rows of a table into expandable/collapsable rows. The expanded part is loaded dynamically.

What does it do?

RowExpander makes the rows of a table expandable. When a user clicks on an expandable row, a detail-row is shown. The content of the detail row is loaded dynamically through Ajax.

How does it work?

RowExpander uses data-attributes to define its behaviour.

  • Add a data-expand attribute to the table to use the RowExpander plugin
  • Optionally add a data-position attribute to the table. By default the expand/collapse-indicator is shown at the right. Set this attribute to "left" to have the indicators appear at the start of a line
  • To make a row expandable, add a data-href attribute. The content should point to something that returns the content of the detail row. It will be loaded via Ajax.
  • Because the expanded table will have additional rows, the standard techniques to stripe a table won't work anymore. The plugin helps by putting the class 're-odd' on odd rows, skipping the additional detail-rows.
  • For more information about styles and markup, please look at the example in the demo folder.

It is also possible to call the plugin as follows:


If you want to override the default options, you can pass the options as the first argument:

$("#people").rowExpander({ 'position': 'left' });

The expandable rows still require a data-href.


You can see an example in the demo folder. Here's the gist of it:

    <table data-expand data-position="left">
      <tr data-href="people-1.html">
        <td>Web development</td>
      <tr data-href="people-2.html">

The table has both the data-expand and data-position attributes. data-expand does not need a value. It is used by the plugin to find tables that should be turned into expandable ones.

In this demo the collapse/expand indicators will be displayed left of the rows, hence the data-position="left".

There are two rows with a data-href. These two rows will become expandable. The third row does not have a data-href, and will remain untouched.


RowExpander is released under the MIT license.


jQuery plugin to give a table expandable rows with dynamically loaded content



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