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@eriksl eriksl released this Jun 15, 2019 · 32 commits to master since this release

  • fix bug in LWIP interface (ping didn't work)
  • introduce i2c sensor periodic background fetch, this avoids the need to keep waiting for a sensor to yield a result; sensor data is refreshed about every 30 seconds now, for these selected sensors.
  • Espressif SDK update to HEAD
  • fix bug where network would become unresponsive after some time, a race condition
  • reorganise stats output
  • use libc functions instead of own replacements, where possible, now we have full libc access
  • improve display user interface
  • add direct support for rotary encoders (no more external flip-flops required)
  • add support for controlling the espiobridge using the UART (mostly with a connected USB bridge)
  • add support for bootstrapping WLAN config (SSID/password) over the UART by sending two commands
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