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@@ -76,7 +76,7 @@ _But_...
than lists-of-pairs: besides pairs, it recognizes atoms, which it
takes to mean +{the_atom, true}+.
-| OK. nothing wrong with that.
+| OK. Nothing wrong with that; being more general doesn't hurt.
| Not as such, no; many function in the standard libraries which take
a property list of options understand that kind of shortcut.
@@ -86,13 +86,23 @@ using it in inner-loop like code.
| The cost? Are we talking about some premature optimization?
| Call it premature if you must.
Just be aware that an alternative to +proplists:lookup(Key, List)+,
which does nearly the same thing except it doesn't handle the atom
special case, is +lists:keyfind(Key, 1, List)+ -- which is 10 times faster.
| Ah. Perhaps we're talking more ``low hanging fruit'' here.
| Indeed.
+| How come it's that much faster?
+ Is the +proplists+ version implemented in a stupid manner?
+| No; the reason is that +lists:keyfind/3+ is a BIF - a built-in
+ function, written in C. That gives it a performance edge.
+ (If there is any lesson in this, I guess it is: don't accidentally
+ reinvent any of the functions in the +lists+ module. You may gain
+ NIH points, but you may lose performance.)
| What other options are there for a key-value map data structure?
| Next up are sorted property lists -- as handled by the +orddict+ module.
They are on average twice as fast for lookups (given that the key is

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