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Could you elaborate on these?
| Certainly... +
- The common denominator is separation of concerns.
+ The common theme is separation of concerns.
+// and matching data and process life spans?
+ To take the most concrete first: Some processes are centered around a
+ certain resource; this can be either some data (in normal term form
+ or contained in a table) or a port (file, socket or connection to
+ non-Erlang program).
+// ownership vs. controlling access
+| When can concurrency be a reason for a process to exist?
+| Using processes for getting concurrency can be done for
+ getting I/O concurrency, CPU concurrency, or scalability.
+// For I/O concurrency: often comes naturally, with ownership of e.g. sockets.
+// For CPU concurrency: is often a conscious choice. Make sure it's well-founded, especially if it adds complexity.
+// (i.e., parallel computation)
+// For scalability: also a conscious choice. A responsibility is split among several processes; it can be by sharding of some data space (e.g. a table) or more symmetric (e.g., several acceptors on one socket).
// clarity of code is probably the most important, but it is often

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