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This directory contains the Daydreamer and GATE programs as described
in the book:
Mueller, Erik T. (1990). Daydreaming in humans and machines: A
computer model of the stream of thought. Norwood, NJ: Ablex.
This code is subject to the LICENSE in this directory.
To run Daydreamer and GATE, start up a Common Lisp in this directory.
This code runs best compiled.
To compile GATE, do (load "gate_compile").
To compile Daydreamer, do (load "dd_compile").
Then, to run the LOVERS1 experience, a rationalization daydream, and a
revenge daydream, type (load "dd").
To run a GATE test suite, do (load "gate_test").
To load GATE, do (load "gate_get").
To load Daydreamer, first load GATE and then do (load "dd_get"). Then
to run Daydreamer, type (daydreamer).
As of 2004-12-20, this has been tested under:
Allegro Common Lisp 6.2
Allegro Common Lisp 7.0