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Be consistent in help instructions.

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@@ -159,9 +159,9 @@ namespace client {
"create NEWSGROUP_ID\n\tCreate an article in the specified newsgroup.",
"(delete|rm) NEWSGROUP_ID\n\tDelete a newsgroup.",
"(delete|rm) NEWSGROUP_ID ARTICLE_ID\n\tDelete an article within a newsgroup.",
- "exit|EOF|q\n\tExits the program.",
- "help|?\n\tThis help listing.",
- "list|ls\n\tList all newsgroups.",
+ "(exit|EOF|q)\n\tExits the program.",
+ "(help|?)\n\tThis help listing.",
+ "(list|ls)\n\tList all newsgroups.",
"(list|ls) NEWSGROUP_ID\n\tList all articles in the specified newsgroup.",
"read NEWSGROUP_ID ARTICLE_ID\n\tGet an article form a newsgroup."

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