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Exploiting 2D Floorplan for Building-scale Panorama RGBD Alignment

This is the git repo with the code for our CVPR17 Paper. Visit the project site for more information and the data.


  1. Get the dependencies:

    As of right now, I am using some c++17 features, which can be compiled by clang++-4.0 or g++-7.0 (which should be available soon)

  2. Download the latest release from the releases tab:

  3. Building

    git submodule update --init --recursive
    mkdir build
    cd build
    cmake ..
  4. Running shows a suggest way to run the 4 programs in order to replicate our results. It will also create the folder structure expected:

    ├── binaryFiles
    ├── cloudNormals
    ├── densityMaps
    │   ├── R0
    │   ├── R1
    │   ├── R2
    │   ├── R3
    │   ├── rotations
    │   └── zeros
    ├── doors
    │   ├── floorplan
    │   └── pointcloud
    ├── panoramas
    │   ├── data
    │   └── images
    ├── placementOptions
    │   ├── V1
    │   └── V2
    ├── PTXFiles
    └── voxelGrids
        ├── metaData
        ├── R0
        ├── R1
        ├── R2
        └── R3

    Before running, this is what the programs expect to be present:

    ├── PTXFiles
    │   ├── PTX_1
    │   ├── ....
    ├── scale.txt
    ├── doorSymbol.png
    └── floorPlan.png

    Where scale.txt simply contains the number of pixels on the floor per unit distance of the scans. The doorSymbol.png is simply a doorSymbol from the floorplan. floorPlan.png is the ground truth floorplan. PTXFiles is a folder containing with all the scans in the PTX format. should then be run as such:

    ./ /path/to/PTXFiles/.. /path/to/build