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Welcome to the Parandroid Messaging wiki

The latest BETA is available in the "download section": Make sure you pick the build suited for your device.








#Project Parandroid Messaging is the first subproject of the Parandroid project. This project aims at better privacy for Android phone owners. The Messaging part refers to the default Android 'Messaging' application which we forked and renamed ParandroidMessaging. The Messaging application handles all SMS (text message) and MMS (multimedia message) communication on the Android device and is therefore a good starting point for the Parandroid project. SMS is only encrypted as normal GSM data and therefore insecure as not only telecom operators but also federal bureaus and possibly third parties can eavesdrop you.

This project has just started and is therefore not to be used in production environments just yet. For testing, we recommend downloading the BETA version from the Android market. You can easily find it by searching for 'Parandroid Messaging'. Alternatively, you can download the apk from the download section or build your own binary by grabbing the source and following the instructions in the README file.

For now, we are focusing on fixing bugs (please report!) and implementing minor new features for a next release, working towards a stable '1.0'. In the near future, we might extend the Parandroid project to focus on the bigger picture: Privacy. This might lead to encrypted calling, encrypted files or anything else we feel 'paranoid' about.

Help, ideas and discussion is greatly appreciated.

For more technical information, like how to build, check the README file in the project root. For more info on how we implemented the encryption part, check out the implementation page.