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Currently implemented features
Check out the currently implemented features on the features page.

Requests and issues
If you have feature requests, please file them in the issue tracker or contract one of the authors directly.

Features alpha-1 (Proof of concept)

  • Create Diffie-Hellman/AES keypair.
  • Send public key to a contact in your address book.
  • Receive and store public keys.
  • Send and receive encrypted messages. We use ‘double’ RSA encryption to guarantee both the sender and the receiver.
  • Encrypt messages stored in outbox using your own public key, so you can read your own sent messages.

Beta-0.9 (First public release)

  • Better interface for sending public key.
  • Better usability by giving more and better notifications to the user.
  • Better interface for accepting public keys.
  • Friendly user interface. Icons in menu.
  • Never show messages in encrypted form, show alternate text instead (i.e. ).
  • Never show public keys (as happens in the inbox and notification bar in alpha-1).
  • Use symmetric key for the actual data and a asymmetric algorithm to generate the symmetric key.
  • Send public key in binary form so we don’t need base64.
  • Send messages in binary form so we don’t need base64.
  • Possibility to send normal (non-encrypted) messages to receivers that have a public key present.
  • Option to encrypt private key. Ask for unlock pattern when trying to access. Store in memory till standby?
  • Stored messages encrypted with a password and a pincode as a salt. The password will be stored in memory (encrypted with the incode), and in combination with the pincode, messages can be decrypted and read.
  • Settings option to ‘logout’ when the screen goes in standby.


  • Export/import public keys to/from SD card
    • Option to send own public key to all imported public key numbers.
  • In manage publickeys option to forward public keys to other people.
  • Selfdestruct (on sms)
  • After generating a new keypair, option to send new public key to all existing public key numbers
  • When receiving a new public key, option to reply by sending own public key
  • Menu option to logout.
  • When typing a text message, a counter that shows the size of the encrypted message
  • Share public keys with QR-codes

Wishlist future

  • Get academic backup (proof) for our implementation.
  • Localization (Help wanted! See Contributing)
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