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Node.js Frontend Fu version 0.1.9

Roadmap :

  • Unit tests

  • Support combining files

  • Separate less so that you can use node-fe-fu to only minify / combine css

  • Adding images (Info / Error) Done!

  • add support for notifying only errors Done!

  • Add more options modules

    1. pngcrushing
    2. coffeescript
    3. html minification
    4. sprites
    5. JSLint Done!
    6. CssLint
  • Read from configuration file in addition to arguments

  • Rewrite main fe-fu script to be more modular :

    modules.js => json with { name, parameters, file, condition }
    moduleTypes => Validators, Compilers, Compressors, Aggregators each module => run(File), condition(file) define a pipeline that modules in a waterfall manner (coffee - js - jslint - uglify js)

  • Ensure that new files in folders are picked up, notify on deleted files

  • Aggregate the results of each file modified to enable combining