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Language Translation

Language Translation (NMT).


This is the code for the language translation challenge by Siraj here. This code implemnents Neural Machine Translation which is what Google Translate uses to translate Languages.


  • tensorflow
  • nltk
  • six

Install missing dependencies with pip


To train model on data and test it to compute the BLEU score run this:

python translate.py source_language target_language (i.e. python translate.py fr en for fr->en translation)


  • Translation from French -> English (fr-en dataset)

    • Some success cases

      French English
      Bonjour Morning
      Au revior Good bye
      Merci Thanks
      Je m'appelle Dan Ellsey My name is Dan Ellsey
    • Some failure cases

      French English
      Voici Bill Lange I am this next woman Bill
      La vérité est que le Titanic Long being why I see special of
      Le problème People
  • Translation from Finnish -> English (fi-en dataset)

    • Some success cases

      Finnish English
      Istuntokauden uudelleenavaaminen Resumption
      Hyvaa huomenta Good morning
      Kiitos Thanks
      Nimeni on My name is
    • Some failure cases

      Finnish English
      Voin taata täällä Woman here I here say say say
      Haluaisin kuitenkin painottaa However, it it it stress
      sanotun yhteisen maatalouspolitiikan s take of of of policy


Credits to fanshi118 for the base code and Siraj for the challenge idea.